Wonder Woman axed pilot online

David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman revival featuring¬†¬†Adrianne Palicki was rejected by NBC but the Pilot episode has made its way in full online.


It even includes a glimpse of Dr. Phil and Liz Hurley.

Shame there is no kitschy theme tune….

You can see the episode here.


  1. I agree having just watched this I’m not surprised it didn’t get picked up. Bad script, bad acting, but I just wonder how much or little that would need to be changed to make it good. I guess NBC didn’t want to sink more money into it after The Event and other recent losses.

    But it was nice to see Adrianne Palicki in the WW costume, she certainly has the ‘assets’ to pull it off.

  2. I agree – there are a few unaired pilots I’d like to see, some for shows that didn’t get picked up and others that were changed before being aired. It would give us a better understanding of the process involved.

  3. Armchair Analyst

    @nrc_02, i too think that the networks should release all failed pilots. It would be easier to understand their decisions and people then would not be speculating as to why a show did not get picked up. At the moment everyone speculates and in most cases we get angry when what we think is a promising show gets axed and we dont know why. As said before if the Networks decided to put the failed pilots on the net so that people can look at them than i think most of the time people would agree with them. However i dont think that will happen because network executives have egos and if a promising show got axed after the pilot stage and they posted the pilot ep on the net and if the people found that it was good and worthy of at least 1 season then the executives would look pretty stupid and would find it hard to justify being paid alot of money, thats why none of them will be making this the norm.

  4. Terrible interpretation of Wonder Woman.

    When she wasn’t sitting around feeling sorry for herself in her penthouse apartment or in her other equally luxurious apartment that she apparently keeps in order to maintain a worthless “secret identity”, she was busy taking out her frustrations on any number of opponents by physically hurting and killing them.

    What kind of Wonder Woman who is equipped with her lasso of truth instead decides to interrogate a hospital patient by breaking his arm? A bizarre mix of Ally McBeal branded “single working woman sadness” and Christian Bale Batman branded “violent vigilante fighting crime with extreme violence”.

  5. Wow – I can see why that didnt get picked up. Absolutely woeful, stupid and looks like it was made for the 80’s, How did the pilot even get green lit…seriosuly!!

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