Zoe Bertram guest stars in Neighbours

Actress Zoe Bertram steps onto the Neighbours set this week to begin a four week role.

Actress Zoe Bertram steps onto the Neighbours set this week to begin a four week role playing a Polish cleaner, Lorraine Dowski, who works for Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).

Bertram’s CV has a number of soaps and dramas, dating back to her role as Olivia Baxter on The Restless Years in 1977.

She has also appeared in Prisoner, A Country Practice, Blue Heelers, The Flying Doctors, Home & Away, Rush and City Homicide.

Playing the less than diplomatic cleaner, Bertram had to perfect a distinct Polish accent.

“She certainly isn’t like any of the characters I’ve played before and the accent was fun,” she said.

Her episodes will begin on air in late September.

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  1. TEN has a very poor record of preserving their history. Grundy would own the rights but if TEN were entrusted with storing the master tapes I’d say they suffered the same fate as many of the Number 96, Young Talent Time and Wonder World tapes.

  2. I’m in complete agreement! The last time I remember it being rerun was in the 80’s. If Seven can rerun Sons & Daughters then 10 can rerun TRY on one of it’s new digi chs.

  3. Good to hear, even better to see, I agree let us hope the stint is made longer or even permanent, we really need some one of substance to take the place of a few departures. Let us hope she is more than a match for Paul, who I must say seems to be enjoying playing the devious again, he does do it well !

    We also need a new “Donna” who really lit up our screens with a great role and played well as she found her feet so to speak.

    All in all as I say much to ‘Home and Away” fans disgust and angst “Neighbours” is the thinking person’s “Home And Away”

  4. There was a nice surprise on Neighbours last night. a sneaky bit of backside action from the best looking guy in the cast, in the first few minutes of the show. If you see this post in time, you can catch the re-run at 8.30am. Love Zoe, btw.

  5. She is such a beautiful woman, and doesn’t look 33 years older than she was when she appeared in the Restless Years. Her APIA ads belie her age, i reckon. Great that she will be back on the screen.

  6. Now that is spooky!
    I was just thinking about ZB (not 5 mins ago) & what she is doing these days.
    She was always one of my faves..in that special catergory of actresses along with Sandy Gore,Tina Bursill & the wonderful wonderful Jeanie Drynan (so good to see her again in Prisoner recently).

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