ABC1: Accused, Monroe, Kingdom update.

ABC1 has made some changes to its weekend line-up, some of which is to accommodate Doctor Who.

Kingdom will wrap up on August 27 with a double episode. Monroe, which was coming to Saturdays, is now bumped to a week later.

Accused, which was to have begun on Friday August 26 is also out, replaced by Case Sensitive.

Friday 26 August
9:30pm: Case Sensitive Premiere

Saturday 27 August
7:30pm Kingdom Final dbl ep
9:00pm QI rpt

Saturday September 3
7:30pm Doctor Who
8:30pm Monroe premiere.


  1. Nik C, I’m sure Kingdom S3 will air immediately after Doctor Who. If Doctor Who was delayed due to Kingdom there would be an absolute furore with its fans demanding fast-tracking.

  2. Vinny, I believe that ABC will now have shown Kingdom series 1 and 2, both of which have previously aired (S1 on Ch7, S2 on 7-2).
    There is a series 3, which has not been on free-to-air.

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