Airdate: Good News World

Good News World is pitching itself as "Saturday Night Live meets The Daily Show with an Aussie twist."

Good News World will premiere next week on TEN.

Set to air at 9:30pm Monday September 5th this will be yet another revamp for the show that harks all the way back to its debut on the ABC in 1996. Paul McDermott and Mikey Robins have been with the satirical show across its life on two networks.

Joined once again by Claire Hooper, the 1 hour show is now pitching itself as “Saturday Night Live meets The Daily Show with an Aussie twist.”

It will follow the final episode of Can of Worms which airs at 8:30pm.

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  1. It reminded me a lot of LFPE format wise but it was much funnier. Some of the sketches weren’t funny and they over did the Underbelly sketch. It was funny the first time but after the third and fourth time it was starting to get annoying.

  2. I quite like this show and these three.How can anyone hates GNW.Currently Mondays are devoid of anything decent at 9:30pm or before they changed the time 8:30pm.SBS show politically incorrect comedies now and almost everyone else bar the ABC shows crime shows

  3. @Peter Sinclair and @David

    Seems I attended the pilot for the show. I’ve seen the promo for Good News World recently and the footage used was from our taping. (shots of Akmal in a press conference sketch, Paul’s musical finale etc)

    It was about a month and a half ago – we applied for tickets to see Good News Week and were surprised when we saw the new set and were told that [the cast and crew] were gonna “do something a bit different tonight” and weren’t sure” when, or if, this episode was to be aired.

  4. I’ve got fond memories of Good News Weekend, which screened on the ABC in the late 1990s.
    My view is that GNW hasn’t been the same since it moved to commercial television, and Claire Hooper really isn’t a substitute for Julie McCrossin.

  5. The taping for, I’m assuming the first episode, was long and drawn out. Cast and crew were getting tired and by 12.30am, several audience members walked out.

    I hope this format change improves in coming weeks because that really was one disappointing taping.

  6. Hm… as much as I like the team from GNW I don’t think they could ever have the biting wit of Jon Stewart, maybe Paul.

    I’m still looking forward to watching it, I just don’t think the show will ever reach those dizzying heights.

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