Airdate: Suits

Next Monday Seven premieres Suits, the legal drama from USA Network starring Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht.

It will premiere at 9:30pm following Body of Proof.

The show follows college drop-out Mike Ross, who has always dreamed of becoming a lawyer but life has taken him in a different direction.

However, when an unexpected opportunity presents itself, he soon finds himself becoming the new associate at one of Manhattan’s top corporate law firms. There is only one problem -he doesn’t actually have a law degree.

The show received a 12-episode order in January.

Harvey Specter is the best lawyer in New York City, and he’s on the hunt for a new associate. Mike Ross isn’t your average Harvard Law School student…he’s not even enrolled there. But that doesn’t stop the legal prodigy from taking the bar exam for Harvard graduates. However his grandmother is sick and he needs money- fast. Thanks to his best ‘pot-dealing’ friend and a little bit of fate, Mike ends up being interviewed by Harvey, and with that, the finest law due in the toughest town is born. Mike is handed his first case, a ‘pro bono’ sexual harassment suit involving a CEO. But will Mike’s need for money and his ”bad influence” friend get in his way? Harvey is about to find out.

Meanwhile Seven will screen a special at 7:30pm, Wild and Woolly – An Elephant and His Sheep. Is this the timeslot where The X Factor could go?

Baby elephant, Themba, lost his mother after she fell down a cliff. The team at the Shamwari Rehabilitation Centre rescued him and it was to be a two year journey that would change their lives forever. Themba befriended a sheep named Albert, and together they formed a bond as strong as any human friendship. Albert never left Themba’s side, and there was never a dull moment when the unlikely duo were around. This story not only provides an indescribable insight into the truly complex nature of elephants, but also shows the power of patience, humility, and most importantly unconditional love. It’s a story you have to see yourself to believe.


  1. Considering these extended pilots usually never work, I actually really loved it and the series has been one of the best new series of the year. Definately worth giving it a shot.

  2. Suits is a great series. An absolute surprise from my point of view, as I have never given much of my time to legal dramas (Boston Legal etc.). Well worth watching. Harvey Specter is a great character…. so very likeable for a such an arrogant & selfish man.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    Albert the sheep only has three legs. His owners said that he’s such good company for Themba that they didn’t want to eat him all at once.

  4. Suits is a fantastic series – much better than other USA shows like Burn Notice, Psych, etc. It is extremely charming and funny in the same way as Boston Legal, but with better characters and subplots.

    I highly encourage everyone here to watch the pilot episode. It is a little slow to start but 20 minutes into it, you’ll be hooked. Its probably my favourite series I’ve seen this year!

  5. When I saw the ad for Suits knew I wasn’t interested in it at. Will be watching it’s lead-in show Body of Proof. 7 does seem to be going to go with Docos at 7.30 on a Monday. Could turn out to be a hit and miss with it, as to which ones will appeal to people or not. Could it be an X Factor place warmer, could be, wont be watching X F.

  6. Just a question on Body of Proof. I read somewhere that the first season was 13 episodes but ABC (US) held 4 back to screen as part of season 2 and the 9 they did show were played out of order. Next weeks episode ‘Helping Hand’ is actually episode 7 but screened in the US as episode 3. Do Seven have the option of playing the full first season in the correct order or do they have to show them in the same order the US did?

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