Axed: Spooks

It’s been an explosive drama but BBC’s Spooks will come to an end later this year.

The spy drama, approaching its tenth series, has been running since 2002.

Ben Stephenson, controller at BBC Drama Commissioning, called Spooks a “groundbreaking series” which “redefined drama on the channel for a new generation”.

“I hope fans will tune in this September to see what promises to be a fittingly high octane thrilling finale,” he added.

The final series will focus on Harry Pearce and a guilty secret that could destroy his relationship with Ruth.

“We’ve followed the arc of their personal story and I think they’ve brought us to a natural end,” said Jane Featherstone, chief executive of Kudos Film & Television.

“Harry Pearce, played by the wonderful Peter Firth, has always been at the heart of the show, and this series focuses on Harry’s past, bringing his tumultuous relationship with Ruth [Nicola Walker] to a head.

“It’s hard to believe that as Spooks enters its tenth series, the world prepares to face the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 atrocities,” said Featherstone.

“It feels like now is the time for Spooks to bow out and make way for new spy dramas which reflect the changing world around us.”

The series has been a favourite with ABC audiences in Australia, last airing in May.

Source: BBC


  1. avid spooks fan - amanda

    I am currently watching the series from the beginning. My god !! what a brilliant show. On series 6 now and am desperate for Harry and Ruth to get together. Please let it happen, it is driving me insane. He needs to just grab her and kiss her for Pete’s sake, Literally.
    You should check out their real life chemistry on.

    Fantastic for spooks fans xx

  2. Very sad to see the end of such a great show. Brilliant actors, thought-provoking but entertaining plots, and slick production. I only hope it airs here asap.

  3. Like others – agree this is a great show. Really explored what dilemmas these officers had to face. While you may not always argeed with what they did – it made me feel safe that there are such cool rational people in these positions.

    I don’t know the name of the eposide, but the one about the fake nuclear attack was the best TV eposide ever!!

  4. I’m in total agreement with previous posts, I loved Spooks from Ep One and have never missed an episode 🙂
    However Series 9 was not up to scratch so hopefully Series 10 will be great.
    Please let Harry and Ruth have a happy ending….
    Spooks:Code 9 was awful, made for a younger audience so hopefully a new Spy Series will be produced that engages all age groups.

  5. I guess they’ve explored as many storyline avenues as they could, and good on them. An outstanding show. I think it has been the thinking man’s “24”. (Don’t get me me wrong, I LOVED 24, but spooks brought genre to a completely different level).

    Did someone say tv movies? 🙂 I suggest a tv movie where Adam wakes up from a sleep and realises the last few seasons were a dream 🙂

    “It feels like now is the time for Spooks to bow out and make way for new spy dramas which reflect the changing world around us.” – I hope that doesn’t mean trying to re-float the turd that was spooks:code 9.

  6. Not Happy Sam

    Great show, not many other shows kill of the main stars so often but still manage to keep the show up to scratch.
    It will be a shame not to see it anymore but it is probably best that it does finish on their own terms.

  7. Rather unusually, it was actually the production company that has called time on this, rather than the BBC being the ones to axe it. Good move though, 10 seasons is a nice number to bow out after, have loved this show since day 1 but the last series was by far the weakest and it was begining to seem like it was running out of puff. I would love to see them do an episode around the London riots and how MI5 deal with them, we shall see I guess!

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