Bumped: Rush. Gone: Law & Order: UK

As several readers have noted from on-air promos, TEN has now made a switch to its season return of Rush.

Instead of 9:30pm on Thursday September 1st as planned, it will now air at 8:30pm with a double episode. Law and Order: SVU is now out.

A number of TV Tonight readers questioned why the local drama was set to follow a repeat of SVU in the first place and felt it was something of a downgrading for the AFI-winning series.

This will now pit the series against Crownies, Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year and whatever Seven decides will stay put on Thursdays….

Meanwhile Law and Order / Law and Order: UK are now out as of Friday with a movie, Australia in place this week.


  1. Everyone is entitled to their opinions about what shows they love or dislike. The only problem I have is keep the programs consistent. You cannot advertise Law and Order UK and Law and Order and then suddenly pull the shows. Law and Order do have a huge following. If you do not like it…simple..don’t watch it. I can tell you one thing..Rush is a totally different show and cannot be judged against Law and Order.

    Law and Order is a fantastic show and should be put back on. Law and Order SVU is also a great show and for goodness sake, Channel 10 just finish this season.

    Sorry Rush fans, it does not even compare to Law and Order. I am entitled to my opinion as all of you are!!!

  2. Got my cuppa, all set ready to watch Law & Order UK, which is finally back on – how exciting! Only to sit down and find a movie on instead, what are you doing channel 10??? UK is propbably the best of the Law & Order series now, with the others being a bit old and done now… can you please stop getting us into the L & O: UK and then taking it off quickly… make a decision to air it or not and be done with it!!!!!!!

  3. Ten Brisbane had an advert for SVU at 8:40pm tonight (about 6:40am during the morning news). Have ten gone back to a single 9:30pm episode, or did someone not tell their advertising people?

  4. WTH… lasted only 2 weeks this time? I thought I’d give L&O:UK a go but haven’t made up my mind yet and now it’s gone. Why do I even bother with Channel 10 anymore?

  5. @Franz Chong — Law and Order Season 20 is not available on DVD, and probably won’t be available for some years yet, as they’re only up to Season 14 in the DVD sets.This means the only way we can see the show is to watch it on TV.

    It’s your right to “hate crime shows with a passion”, but not everyone shares your hatred and intolerance. Those of us who enjoy crime puzzles also have rights, and in this case it’s the right to mourn the loss of a well-loved show.

    I used to think that Channel 9 was far and away the worst TV channel, but Channel 10, with its contemptuous treatment of its viewers, has now become a close second.

  6. Sadly, because of The Renovators as the lead in, Rush will struggle to crack 800K for the premiere episode, then only average about 700K in the following weeks.
    The Renovators is polling everything in the 8.30 timeslot down! Can of Worms didn’t even crack 700K this week when it is worthy of over 1mil!

  7. @Franz Chong There’s 20 Law and Order seasons… I’m not gonna buy all 20… I just want Channel Ten to air the remaining episodes of the show – which is its final season. We have the right to complain. It’s not the first time Ten has treated the show poorly… We’re not asking Ten to air it every night. It’s a bloody Friday. If they already have the rights to the show, just air it instead of repeating bloody movies.

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