Bumped: The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles (but wait!)

Normally when a show gets Bumped its generally to a later timeslot -but not this time.

Normally when a show gets Bumped its generally to a later timeslot, another day or even another channel.

GEM is bumping The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles after they aired last night -but to an earlier timeslot.

The Closer, which played at 9:30pm last night, will air at 8:30pm next Wednesday while Rizzoli & Isles will shift from 10:30pm to 9:30pm.

Out of schedule is the What Would You Do? which aired at 8:30pm last night but pulled 38,000, well below The Closer‘s 90,000 and Rizzoli and Isle‘s 68,000.

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  1. As a fan of The Closer, I do not appreciate the Program Manager at GEM “pingponging” this program every few weeks without notice.
    If any program is to be changed, it is courteous to be informed at the end of the program and not waste viewers time searching TV guides daily.
    The episodes of The Closer were not in series order and because of continuous program changes I have missed many Episodes.

  2. I work on Wednesday night and programmed my machine to take the Closer – but because it was earlier …. I missed it.

    I wish when a channel (usually channel 9) committs to screening a show at a particular time-slot that they keep it there and let the show run its course and do not change it.

    I would hope that the channel (usually channel 9) has done their homework as to quality and appeal of the TV Before they buy it – and then slot it accordingly before they put it on air – Not move it around after it has been on air.

    The audience looses interest when the show gets moved around ….. of course the ratings go down … the people who like the show can;’t find it and there is no announcement saying where and when it will be on again!!!!!!

  3. As season 7 is the final season of ‘The Closer’, TNT is spinning it off. They are launching ‘Major Crimes’ next year. Mary McDonnell (Donnie Darko, Battlestar Galactica) will be the lead, reprising her Emmy nominated role as Capt. Sharon Raydor.

  4. Interesting move as Rizolli and Isles when it first was ever aired on GEM was pulled after a couple of episodes and it was airing in an earlier timeslot I think around 8.30pm or 9.30pm paired with Law and Order classic episodes.

    They then brought it back and aired it around 9.30pm for 1 or 2 weeks before pulling it and it didn’t air for over 6 months when it finally returned it was put on at 10.30pm where it has been for weeks.

    Why would they move Rizoli back to an earlier slot when it didn’t do fantastically in an earlier slot (I think ?) when it first came to GEM ? Unless they (Nine ) think that it will pull even higher numbers in an earlier slot ?

    Maybe Nine is hiring better programmers and listening to its fans and that could be why they are on earlier…. ( probably not ?? ! ).

  5. When I first saw the word bumped I thought Oh great !!! now what , but instead I am saying Oh great I can now what Rizzoli & Isles after The Closer without saying to myself you should be in bed.

  6. Pedantic, but I think you’d have to say that it is What Would You Do? which is being dumped, with the other shows being promoted.

    @ddd – I don’t think we can bag GEM for dropping a show which got less than half the viewers that the show which will replace it got in a later slot. In fact, I’m fairly sure that if they’d stuck with What Would You Do?, people would be saying “hurry up and get rid of it” like they were about The Defenders on ten.

  7. Maybe you been a new term? When a show is moved forward it’s ‘pulled’ LOL

    You have to love the games the networks are playing, and people are blaming one show on the main ch last night, which might cost Nine the week. I blame the programmers who keep moving shows and use the viewers have to prey we find them each week.

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