Bumped: The Defenders, Breakout Kings.

ONE has made some changes:

The Defenders, which is now dropped from TEN, will air on ONE from 9:30pm Thursday.

It replaces Breakout Kings which is now out of schedule.

Tonight ONE will also screen One Week at A Time Late at 11pm and NASCAR Sprint Cup live from 12 midnight AEST.

R22 Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips @ Watkins Glen
Race 22 of the Sprint Cup series v isits Watkins Glen International. 90 laps of exciting NASCAR action on one of only two road course races in the Sprint Cup schedule.

UPDATE: Maybe ONE heard you guys. Breakout Kings just got bumped to late on Friday nights on ONE from 11:30pm this week. Keep your eye on the schedule, next week it is 11pm.


  1. Watching TV is getting to be too much hard work. Last night I wanted to watch The Defenders, The Big C, Weeds and Off the Map.

    Big C and Weeds weren’t listed in the Green Guide, looked them up at the top of the week and wrote them in. Off The Map was listed for 11.30 – looked it up at the top of the week and it actually started at midnight, wrote That in. Defenders was listed as starting at 9.30 pm and was unchanged, and of course which is the one I missed?

    Sighs. Bangs head.. Repeatedly.

  2. Breakout kings was awesome, hate how they chop and change shows around like was said on here earlier, lose one of the cops eps or some of the other rubbish that is on there

  3. I really enjoy watching Breakout Kings & disappointed it’s being moved to late friday nights instead of it’s original timeslot of 9:30pm Thursday.

    Question: Are you folks at ONE losing the plot?

  4. I hope ONE doesn’t go bust. It’s great for the NFL and F1 coverage. I’m a fan of BOK, It doesn’t really bother me when it’s on though, I record most of the shows I watch seeing as I work nights.

  5. @Vinny: I agree. I liked White Collar, Blue Bloods, and The Defenders. Don’t care if they’re dumped on ONE or ELEVEN, just would like them to be played …

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