Bumped: Top Design

While his former show is rewriting the records, Jamie Durie’s current show,  Top Design, is struggling on Nine.

This week Nine moves the show to 10:30pm, to be replaced by the second episode of Farmer Wants a Wife at 7:30pm, followed by a repeat of The Mentalist and RPA at 9:30pm.

It is an ironic outcome for Durie, who was replaced by Scott Cam as The Block‘s host after he had left the Nine Network.

For die-hard Top Design fans, Nine will premiere the episode at 8:30pm on GEM.


  1. well he gave up his household name when he chose to move to the states and have his 5 mins of fame with Oprah Winfrey. maybe he should try his hand a being a stripper again. .Fail.

  2. This is such a terrible show. They never explain the challenges properly, they fly through the process, hardly show you and end product and before you know it they are eliminating someone you just don’t care about.

  3. That’s disappointing.Put him on at a decent time of night even if it means dropping one big bang theory or 2.5 men or top gear for jamie durie.

  4. Looks like Nine is doing every thing it can to win the week, now that Sunday gave them such a big lead over Seven.

    They put a double ep of Top Gear Tuesday, IMO 3 hours is too much on FTA. Most are not going to stick around until 11:30 to watch a re-run.

    And not this, I just it was only time before it would be bumped, good thing they are showing it first on GEM.

  5. I hate this sort of stuff… If networks are still willing to keep shows on air, please give them decent timeslots! No matter how much shows struggle, you should never push a show back to 10.30pm. Not a fan of repeats either. People don’t turn on the TV looking for repeats.

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