CBS eyes remake of Bewitched

Hawaii Five-0, Charlie’s Angels, and now Bewitched? Will they never learn?

CBS has ordered a script from Sony Pictures Television for a potential remake of Bewitched, from Miss Congeniality writer Marc Lawrence.

Will it be any better than that dreadful big screen version starring one Nicole Kidman in 2005? Perhaps not, given it is to be produced by the same people, the husband-and-wife team of Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher.

Reinventing classics is treacherous territory, although Hawaii Five-0 seems to have made a fair fist of it. The Brady Bunch movies were on the money, a perfect mix of affection and satire. At this stage it’s just a script order anyway….

I doubt anything will come close to the wonders of Elizabeth Montgomery. Maybe they can switch Darrin’s half-way through each episode?

Dunno about you but I’m not holding my breath….

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. The best and only actress that could play the role of Samantha in Bewitched is McKenzie Westmore. Mckenzie would love this role and I agree she would be a fantastic Samantha. Comeon CBS and Sony Pictures choose McKenzie. Everyone would love it

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