‘Dr. James Wright’ returns

He was one of Australia’s original television doctors, and tonight ‘Dr. James Wright’ makes a return to the small screen.

‘Dr. Wright’ was a regular on The Mike Walsh Show from the 1970s and subsequently Midday for nearly 25 years. Adopting the ‘Dr. Wright’ name because by law he couldn’t use his real name Dr. John F. Knight on television, he was fondly known as “the merry medic.”

‘Wright’ gave simple medical advice to viewers who wrote him thousands of letters. In addition to his radio and books he also established the Medi Aid Centre Foundation which operates several retirement villages.

But tonight he speaks to A Current Affair about being “robbed of $57m.”

It airs at 6:30pm on Nine.


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    @Billy – for the same reasons that a certain toothbrush company can’t show you the face of “Rob” the dentist in their ads, or that your local GP can’t advertise their services – ethics.

  2. Ah, such a character. I remember those ads for the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme he did a few years back – I was quoting those around the house, I love the man so much! If anyone’s got those stored somewhere, post em on Youtube 🙂

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