Fears for ABC crew in chopper crash

Late last night there were grave fears for two ABC staff and a pilot after a helicopter crash over Lake Eyre in South Australia.

The ABC has confirmed veteran reporter, Paul Lockyer (pictured, left), cameraman John Bean and pilot Gary Ticehurst, founder and principal of Film Helicopters Australia, were filming in the area.

South Australian police were this morning attempting to make their way to the site of the crash, shortly after 7.30pm. They confirmed three people died after the helicopter went down northwest of Marree and 140km north east of William Creek on the eastern side of Lake Eyre.

An ABC spokesman confirmed last night they had lost contact with the news crew that was filming.

In an urgent email sent to senior staff members at 11.30pm last night, ABC News Director, Kate Torney, and the resources director, David Cruttenden, said: “details are sketchy at this stage but the ABC is deeply worried by the news.”

South Australian police did not expect to reach the site until 2am this morning.

Update: Vale: Paul Lockyer, John Bean, Gary Ticehurst

Source: smh.com.au, The Australian


  1. Heartbreaking.
    will be always respected and remembered for their dedication.
    We need more like that in this world.
    Thank you for the stories.

  2. David from Melbourne

    A very sad day for the ABC. All excellent in their field and Garry Ticehurst an exceptional pilot having flown helicopters for the ABC longer than I can remember.
    Not only a sad day for the ABC but a sad day for Australian Television.

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