Good News Week to revamp as Good News World

TEN's Good News Week is to be replaced by a "new and improved" Good News World.

Media today reports that Good News Week will be replaced with the “new and improved” Good News World.

The Herald Sun writes that Good News Week has been rested to “freshen up” and give Can of Worms time to bed in.

TEN yesterday confirmed it was to be given a revamp after axe rumours surfaced.

Paul McDermott and cast members are to remain “with a few extras.”

Good News Week has been revived a number of times since its original half hour show on the ABC.

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  1. This new Good News World is the worst thing I have ever watched. My husband and I have followed Good News Week since it started all those years ago! We have also followed Paul McDermott since the big gig and Doug Anthony All Stars. But when we watched Good News World this week we were totally dissappointed. We wil not be watching it anymore! The people who wrote this crap have totally lost the plot!!!!

  2. Chris Lilley ABC shows, Packed to the Rafters, Winners and Losers, Rescue Special Ops, Can of Worms and GNW are all rubbish TV. I’d rather watch repeats of Raymond, Seinfeld and Simpsons any day.

  3. Good News Week has been absolutely terrible since it came to Channel 10. I’ve followed it hoping it would get better, but it hasn’t. What needs to be done is look at how Britain runs its panel shows. There are numerous shown there, whereas in Australia we have only two, Talkin’ ’bout Your Generation and Good News Week, and both are terrible in comparison.

    GNW originally took its format and style from Have I Got News For You, and actually covered real news and had some brilliantly well thought out satire. Now it has turned into a crudity fest where the best guests they can get on is somebody like Akmal who just yells and swears a lot. Crudity is fine, but they use it in totally the wrong way.

    They need to go back and look at some of the panel shows that are doing so well for the BBC and Channel 4 in Britain. HIGNFY, QI, Mock the Week, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, 9 out of 10 Cats and shows that are now over, like the sports based They Think It’s All Over. Even shows like Would I Lie to You and Argumental are sooo much better than GNW has ever been.

    Oh, Australia needs to produce some better comedians too. Seriously, if Chris Lilley is the only thing that’s being exported then we really need to have a good hard look at ourselves and ask why the hell our comedy has gone terrible.

  4. Well I’m looking forward. Although it has been getting a bit dull in the latter years, it’s always been a Monday night favorite of mine and a revamp could be just what it needs. 😀

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