Grey’s Anatomy juggles possible cast exits

Could Grey’s Anatomy be split into two block for its eighth season?

Not necessarily, but Shonda Rhimes is tackling the season arcs as two parts in planning because the contracts of Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh and Justin Chambers set to expire in May.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do at the end of the season yet,” she told TVLine. “Until we know [who’s coming back], we just don’t know [how the season will conclude]. So we’re taking it in a different way.

“We’re looking at it in segments,” she explains. “We’re planning the first half of the season [now] and then I’ll plan the second half of the season when I know more stuff.”

Grey’s is hardly the first show to be facing the potential exit of principal cast members, but with so many outcomes on the cards it sounds like storylining is quite the challenge.

At least for whoever does depart it will end with some satisfactory conclusions.


  1. “at least for whoever does depart it will end with some satisfactory conclusions”… Are we forgetting Katherine Heigl? What satisfactory conclusion was there?? she just ran off and that’s it…

  2. Sandra Oh is my favourite actress on the show I don’t know if Greys can survive if all the principal cast exit.
    It is the type of show that is welcoming to a revolving door of cast members, much like E.R. but if they all leave in one season it will prove to be quite the task to make the show what it is come Season 9.
    IMO if all the principal cast leave the show call it a day; Greys has peaked IMO and whilst I still enjoy the show I think its best days are definately behind it.

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