Hot in Cleveland update

Updated: Nine has dropped plans to screen Hot in Cleveland next Monday night, but it returns a week later.

Nine has dropped plans to screen Hot in Cleveland next Monday night, replaced with a repeat of The Big Bang Theory.

This week Hot in Cleveland pulled 637,000 viewers following its 1.55m lead in from The Block.

The Big Bang Theory is also tipped to return to 7pm when The Block finishes.

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  1. I watched the first episode when it first started and thought that it was rubbish.
    Could not stand it.

    I liked her in Boston Legal but could not stand this show (nor could I like Golden Girls either)

  2. What I find most insulting is that some of the episodes that have been shown can now be bought as Box Sets at Kmart/Target/Virgin Megastores amongst many other places.Come fly with me was Nine’s best attempt to date at something that was fresh and new for a comedy.Seen a few of these shows and what a joke.If You thought Winners and Losers was a joke for those of us raised on Sex and the City that’s nothing compared to this which is just a poorly done middle aged version of both.

  3. Not Big Bang at 7pm Again.I do wish it was Karl and Leila from the Today Show with a News/Chat Show at that hour in it’s place which was tipped to replace 2.5 men when Charlie Sheen got the boot there Someone anyone please pester Nine for no more Repeats of American Sitcoms.TBBT might be good but ultimately showing repeats at that hour up against Home and Away/7pm Project will cost you

  4. What a shame. Now there’s nothing on Monday night’s as I found Body of Proof reminded me too much of ‘The Mentalist’. Can’t new Hot in Cleveland be shown on Go! or Gem?

  5. I love TBBT but I’m not watching re-run randomly placed around other shows. I guess Nine doesn’t have any plans for HiC yet? My advice, just keep in on GEM. But seriously they have several new shows still stilling on the shelves, Mr Sunshine, Episodes and Better With You, why not try one of these instead of the re-runs?

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