Hot Tip: Rob Mills to host new-look Young Talent Time

EXCLUSIVE: TV Tonight understands Rob Mills will be announced as host of the rebooted Young Talent Time tonight at TEN’s 2012 Programming Launch.

Since he first appeared on Australian Idol, ‘Millsy’ has been working in recording, television presenting and a lead role in the stage musical, Wicked, for which he attracted good reviews.

He also has a small role acting and singing in Underbelly: Razor.

The revival of Young Talent Time is believed to be part of TEN’s plans to replace AFL on Saturday nights.

Mills will be able to bring singing and presenting skills to the new-look show which is expected to have a resident troupe and weekly contestants.

Original host Johnny Young will have a behind the scenes consulting role on the show, which began on 0-TEN back in 1971.


  1. I think millsy will make a great host , I saw him in wicked and thought what a great talent , So Goooo Millsy youll do really well and look forward to a revamped Young Talent Time. All My Loving to you and the new team. I hope they have a Juanita coco Tribute.

  2. To All You Knockers, Haters, and Sceptics . . .
    . . Chill Out !!! … Give Poor Millsy A Chance !! ….. Any of The Ex-YTT Members are obviously Too Busy, or are no longer in Show Business. Johnny Young is Co -Producer and seems quite happy with Rob Mills as Host. And I’m sure he wouldn’t approve if he wasn’t confident of Robs capabilities.
    Unless Any Of You have better qualifications and are willing to Take His Place . . . . . Shut The H*ll Up !!!

  3. My mother taught me that if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all, so…………………………………………………………….

  4. old age ytt fan

    I think it is fantastic bringing back YTT. Gone are the days of family shows like this and disney movie nights on a sunday night.

    Good luck Rob and All My Loving

  5. A Brilliant choice to host Young Talent Time, Millsy is a vibrant young man with bags of personality and not bad on the eye either …. congratulations Rob !!!

    Can’t wait for it to kick off Yehaa!!!

    Luv Patty xxx

  6. Great choice. Rob Mills is fantastic and did a great job on ‘Stooged’ which only lasted two episodes for some reason. He was also my favourite contestant on Idol in its first season in 2003.

    Hope this is a success for Ten, if they stick with Millsy, the show has a good chance. Awesome selection of host. Seriously.

  7. Moanique in Brisbane

    Congratulations Rob Mills. I think he will do a great job on YTT. Millsy is confident, enthusiastic and well liked in the industry. Those saying negative things about him probably only know him from Idol, and haven’t seen or heard of the work he has done since. It has been 10 years since he was on Idol, give him a chance.

  8. An interesting choice, not one I’d have readily thought of as a good fit for a children/family show.

    Will not go out of my way to watch it now, but good luck to him.

  9. Look at that smile. C’mon at least give him a chance. I was never a fan of the original so I would only watch the first episode just to satisfy my curiousity. I think Rob would bring the right amount of enthusiasm to a kid based show.

  10. Rest assured, I am not associated with Rob Mills in any way, shape or form. But I have met him a couple of times and am aware that he is well liked in the industry.

    I basically posted because it seemed he was getting a bad ‘rap here and thought I should stand for him. That is all. Honest! As a big fan of the old YTT, I genuinely think he is good choice for the new YTT hosting gig.

  11. I would’ve preferred Anthony Callea who was part of YTT when he was a youngster but congrats to Rob. Give the guy a chance. He might be really good. I’m going to watch the show with an open mind. 🙂

  12. The whole idea of the show sounds so Painful!!!
    Another stupid move for Ten! Seven could probably do it justice, but Ten can’t.
    And Brian G: How obvious are you!!! 🙂

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