It’s a Knockout still possible for summer

Could TEN's blast from the past be a clever pick as summer fare?

TEN is still considering the possibility of a rebooted It’s a Knockout, mulling it as a possible programme for summer.

The sprawling game show, which was a successor to the 1970s Almost Anything Goes, remains a fond if hokey remnant from the 80s.

Elements of the format were mirrored in Big Brother‘s Friday Night Live games a few years ago while Total Wipeout also proved popular. The show has a lot of goodwill, but as Gladiators and Hey Hey discovered, revivals are not always easy.

In an interview with The Age, Programming Chief David Mott also talks about some of TEN’s 2012 programming highlights.

Breakfast, to be co-hosted by Andrew Rochford will begin screening in January.

”There is a pool of $90 million at play at breakfast and we want a piece of that,” Mott says. ”I liken it to what Seven did with Sunrise, taking on the sleeping giant, the Today show. But that didn’t happen straight away. It was a slow growth. This is not a six-month strategy. It’s a big shift.”

Commenting on the performance of The Renovators against The Block he says:

The Block did exceptionally well,” he says. ”It’s a different show. Sadly, The Renovators came into a cluttered market and we weren’t in the position to delay it. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing.”

Amongst the other comments, TEN still views 6:30 with George Negus as a work in progress and Young Talent Time is likely to screen on Sundays from February with The Graham Norton Show for Saturdays.

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  1. I believe that channel ten will have Its a nockout and another similar game for a weekend Just at the very same time when the new channel 9 Big brother Eviction begings during the same slot time all on a weekend and all in 2012.

    Channel 7 ? what is going to happen.. who knows.. but i do know that if a channel makes up a new reality show… then the other channel wants to fight back and make it even greater to win the show with the audience….

    Just like how channel 9 brings back hey hey its saturday for about like 14 shows ? and then gues what? channel 7 and channel ten did a new or better show at the same time when channel 9 did the temporary hey hey its saturday last year…. The networks are allways stealing a thing…. If they see that one of them channels has a large audience show and rating.. then the next channel next to them wants to beat that and create a all new show to beat the ratings so that they are better and good looking then the other channel.

    Its like having a large pizza on the table. I want all that pizza to myself… but the agressive housemates wants a slice.. i dont let them.. i want the whole pizza… so there for the agressive housemates calls the delivery to bring a much bigger twice pizza to eat it all… and making you down hill with your so what large pizza when it looks small right now compare to them.

    So its like that 🙂 with the shows… channel 7 and 9 and ten are allways fighting about ratings and such

    I beleive the 80s there was alot of nice reality shows.. there was the its a nockout.. there was the young tallent time.. there was other shows

    Todays whats there? today is just american crime series.. and dramas… thats not virtualy reality tv like it used to be fun in the 80s!

  2. Revivals are not easy if the main content is dated, i.e. Hey Hey It’s Saturday. It’s A Knockout is a game show format, it’s winnable, or the challenges are at least reasonable (unlike Wipeout), and they are pitting state against state, so I think it’s got potential as a rebooted show.

  3. If they bring back the state vs state thing there well be 5 states competing this time. When it was last on air. Channel ten in Perth did not exist so there was no team from WA With digital channels now what about NT Tas and ACT??? Amazing I hear you day!!!

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