Kids’ WB reaches 200 episodes

This Saturday morning Nine’s Kids’ WB will celebrate its 200th episode.

Hosts Lauren Phillips and Andrew Faulkner will be paid a visited by Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester and Tweety,  and are joined by a studio of (over?) excited kids.

The 200th episode includes the newest series of Looney Tunes, plus Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. It will also look back on the past six years with a highlights package featuring former hosts Georgia, Shura and Heidi.

It airs Saturday at 11.00am on Nine plus arvos on GO!


  1. Good on them, but someone needs to tell poor ol’ Lauren not to try so hard to be ‘kid friendly’. It’s car crash telly at it’s best.

  2. I serpised wb kids got this far espalily as Sataday Disney is 1 million times better, the show its self, the shows between segments, the host and the fact that kids wb is on 9 and sat dis is on 7.

  3. Is it 200 weekend episodes, or does the number include the weekday editions and the weekend early-shift editions on GO! ? Congratulations to them but I think Saturday Disney’s format works better with segments throughout the show, not just between cartoons. And interesting how 2011 has seen 2 new Kids’ WB hosts and 2 new Saturday Disney hosts.

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