LifeStyle greenlights Location Location Location Australia

LifeStyle Channel has commissioned another local property series, and announces airdate for Relocation Relocation Australia.

The LifeStyle Channel has commissioned another property series, Location Location Location Australia -an adaptation of a UK format.

The 10-part, one-hour series produced by Shine Australia, is a complementary programme to Relocation Relocation Australia, another adaptation of a UK format, which premieres next month.

The new series is “on a mission to help people secure the best possible property for the most competitive price, making property dreams come true for house hunters across the country.”

“The LifeStyle Channel is the home of property and these local productions solidify our position as leaders in lifestyle media in Australia. Along with Grand Designs and Selling Houses we now have all of the big hitting property formats and are thrilled to be bringing our audience the Australian series,” said Nicole Sheffield, General Manager, LifeStyle Channels.

“Shine has done a fantastic job with Relocation Relocation Australia and I can’t wait for the show to premiere. We are delighted to commission a second series from the same team and this time it will be Location Location Location Australia.”

It will air in 2012.

Meanwhile Relocation Relocation Australia premieres on The LifeStyle Channel on Wednesday September 28 at 8.30pm.

Property experts Bryce Holdaway and Veronica Morgan help Aussies who are seeking not just a new home but a new lifestyle, taking the strain and anxiety out of house hunting.

With years of property experience between them, their job is to track down properties that match the buyer’s hopes and expectations as to size, location and price. They also do all the tricky negotiating for them AND dish up a healthy dose of real estate realism along the way.

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  1. Phil help!!! love location,my husband children and I are avid viewers both in Scotland and now in Australia. We emigrated in October last year,we are renting in Berwick,Victoria. We have a year rental and are looking to buy ,we would love your expert knowledge to guide us in the right direction. Has been big move and not sure which direction to go. Christine.

  2. When are we going to see real people. Phil and Kirsty help people from all financial backgrounds and people who are from the real world. According to relocation Australia we all have 2 million dollars to use on a main property and investment. I wish. The one and only time I have seen these 2 with a budget under a million, they couldn’t help the couple. I want to see real people being helped, not the spoilt rich kids where wife doesn’t work and like to visit cafes all day

  3. After watching last week’s episode of Location Location Australia I was so disgusted with the rudeness of the female client I’ve decided not to watch it again. What made me even more annoyed was the fact that they just accepted her insulting behaviour and humoured her. This woman got away with it when she should have been told to go find her own property, which she ended up doing anyway. Sorry, like the UK shows better.

  4. Could you have found a more ruder person than Goo? She nearly made us turn the show off, but we waited to see if her poor partner John ever said anything. He should live in mission beach and leave her to live in sydney.

  5. Interesting, our house was filmed a number of months ago for this show and never heard when it was to air, what the so called buyers thought, only that the buyers found another property that wasn’t on the show and purchased prior to auction the weekend following the filming. Attempted to contact the company but all contact points seemed to be disconnected.

  6. I agree, I enjoyed Grand Designs Australia too. Kirsty & Phil are so good together you’d think they were an old married couple, but that doesnt mean the Australian presenters won’t be enjoyable to watch

  7. No locally made show are as good as uk shows.
    eg. Masterchef Aus – bad show compare to the UK version – quality

    Only Selling Houses Australia – only because of Andrew Winter. Otherwise it’s not worth watching.
    Grand Design Uk are much better but Kevin Mccloud (very dull) presenter.

  8. Will be interesting to see, a lot of what is good about the UK version is the relationship between Kirsty and Phil.

    (Grand Design Australia is great, Peter does a okay job hosting — not that it matters, afterall GD is about the… designs)

  9. It’s is totally impossible to do the show without Kirsty and Phil. Selling Houses worked out well because they used they same host as the UK versoin, Andrew Winter.

    Look at Grand Designs – total crap without Kevin.

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