Neighbours actor switch-up after injury

Actor Luke Pegler steps into Neighbours for 6 weeks after Christopher Milligan snaps an Achilles tendon while playing football.

Neighbours actor Christopher Milligan (Kyle Canning) is to take a break from the show for at least five weeks after snapping an Achilles tendon while playing football last week, but producers will replace his storylines by introducing Luke Pegler (pictured) to play his cousin.

Producer Susan Bower said accidents and sickness were part of the business.

“The show must go on. The beauty of Neighbours is we’re about families, so we can pull in a cousin or sibling in these very unusual situations,” she said.

Pegler has previously appeared in Packed to the Rafters, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Cops LAC, and Rescue Special Ops.

Viewers will now see ‘Dane’ (Pegler) arrive on the street and take over Kyle’s room and board in the share house while the handyman visits his sick mother.

‘Dane’ will make his arrival on screen in October and appear for a six-week stint.

Neighbours has previously replaced actors, including Kym Valentine, when illness forces them to take sudden leave from shooting.

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. @ Stevieg: Wait till you see Luke Pegler … you will never want Milligan back!

    There is too much “drama” in everyone’s lives and not enough happiness/comedy … Home and Away has a great balance of the two and that keeps it fresh and always has a spark, which I can’t seem to find in Neighbours.

  2. Chris Milligan who plays Kyle is already a good reason to watch the show. He’s sexy, hot and the main reason I’m watching. I’m certainly not watching for Karl and Susans marital woes. The whole thing is so dull and contrived. We have seen them weather great storms in the past, now we want to see them happy and as parental figures to the rest of the cast. And please give Mal a story of his own. What a waste him coming back just to talk about his parents problems.

  3. Neighbours feedback from a very casual viewer:

    I don’t like the guy that is being replaced, find his character boring, dum and he is not attractive at all, has a weird face!

    The story line about the guy dying in hospital is a big bore, as is Carl and wife.

    Never liked Paul Robinson and always skip his parts!

    Chris, the current gay character has improved a lot, he is looking fantastic now.

    The new doctor is really hot! I would have made him the new gay love interest for Chris!!! Pity he is a straight character, nothing truly interesting can happen with him now.

    All the girls seem to be fairly weak characters also.

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