No plans for Winners & Losers spin-off

Spin-off? What spin-off?

Recently there was speculation that a spin-off of Winners and Losers was in development with Seven, set to feature the Gross family headed up by Denise Scott and Francis Greenslade.

While the two are much-loved by all there are no plans to develop a separate project.

TV Tonight understands Seven execs think the Gross family could be potential material for their own show if Winners and Losers were to wrap, but there isn’t anything in development for them and there doesn’t¬†look like being¬†anytime soon.


  1. It could work.It’s been a number of years since there has been a normal functional non cartoon family on our screens that is also in a way a comedy.

    But give the show time to develop on it’s own first before doing that.

    Lots of people watch this stuff given there isn’t all that much better on elsewhere.Top Gear UK and NCIS just make me cringe.The other option if available is to buy a Box Set of Sex and the City any season and watch that instead but that’s way too middle aged in my opinion or better yet find a late night bookstore that opens till about 10 and catch up on some reading.

  2. I didnt think a spin off would work. Just keep the show going the way it is. It did very well in its first season.

    By the way I hope in season 2 we see Madeline West again. She was good in the one episode she starred in.

  3. Moanique in Brisbane

    I love the Gross family and would love to see more of them in W & L, but I think a spin-off would have been too much of a good thing.

  4. I must admit I do enjoy the Gross family characters the most in the show – but the though of a spin-off just smacks of “Packed to the Grosses”.

  5. Good. The show itself isn’t strong enough (character development wise) to support a spin-off program – I also believe that if the whole focus is on the Gross family it would be too much and not at all enjoyable.

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