Rafters returns to 1.81m

1.81m viewers last night farewelled Rachel Rafter as she departed the Rafters coop.

The popular character, like actress Jessica Marais, left Aussie shores to work in the US. But the writers were clever enough to leave the door open in case she ever wants to return.

The return of the series easily won its timeslot, more than double its opposition: a repeat of NCIS (754,000), Top Gear‘s 90 minute episode (695,000), Fake Or Fortune? (533,000), Conservation’s Dirty Secrets (121,000).

Audience numbers at 7:30pm were divided with Four Weddings (978,000) pipping The Big Bang Theory / RBT (936,000/ 805,000), Modern Family / The Renovators (933,000 / 833,000), 7.30 / Foreign Correspondent (668,000 / 547,000) and Insight (221,000). The Renovators fared much better on Tuesday than it did on Monday (611,000) with a better retention from its lead-in.

The return of The Big Bang Theory at 7pm was 741,000, beaten by Home and Away (1.07m), ABC News (923,000) and The 7PM Project (809,000).

George Negus’ scoop with Bob Katter’s half-brother slamming his views on gay marriage got all the promo after and not before it happened, leaving just 351,000 to see it air. It was thumped by Today Tonight (1.26m) and A Current Affair (979,000).

On the back of its big Rafters lead-in, a wedding finale for Winners and Losers (1.23m) easily won its slot over NCIS: Los Angeles (506,000). A Top Gear replay at 10pm was 350,000.

Neighbours topped multichannels with 390,000.

Seven won the night but Nine has nearly a 4% lead for the week. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this pans out.

Week 35


  1. @Franz Well sorry for having the option to choose what I watch, am I considered a bogan because I watch NCIS? am I consider an intellectual because I watch Yes, Minister? I’m sorry I don’t care for the Rafters, it’s not my cup of tea and you shouldn’t be stereotyping people for what they watch.

  2. @steve sydney – S3 was last year, at the start of this year we had the first 6 eps of S4 and these continue on from there. Thanks to David for the info posted a few days ago on a different story.

  3. I don’t follow Rafters that well but was this episodes and the next few still part of season 3??? With season 4 yet to start?

    It’s clear that the audience of PTTR is not swayed by much. A new episode of NCIS could pull in 1.2 million yet PTTR will still get 1.8 million. No loss.. no gain

  4. I don’t get the people who watch NCIS.1 million something violent/feral/bogan people who are too stupid to know of the better alternatives elsewhere

  5. I think Winners and Losers is more suited to the 9.30 timeslot in the way I don’t think it’s strong enough really to carry 8.30.
    9 did indeed wreck Top Gear.

  6. Come on Seven. You can pull through and win the week. If Seven is within that 1% range of Nine after Thursday, Nine can kiss the week goodbye. Seven will have a strong Friday and Saturday. That is guaranteed. We will see but i said at the start of the week if Nine lose this week then they won’t win a week again this year.

  7. I knew they would get good numbers, W&L not bad either at 9:30. Of course the Top Gear and then a rerun were set to bomb with 3 hours of the guys, it’s just too much. I’m thinking TG AU next week might be lucky to crack 600k and could drop to 500k in the coming weeks.

    So this one night has halved the lead Nine has, can they hold out to win the week in overall numbers?

  8. Let’s go Seven!!

    Why on earth people would watch crap like Farmer Wants a Wife and Underbelly, I wouldn’t know. Underbelly was good in the first series but the other two were atrocious

  9. Could this be a hint that Rachel Rafter was not leaving for New York permanently or a just a production error… the final scenes in last night’s episode showed her in a Taxi on the Princes Highway going to Sydney Airport, but everyone who knows that area would have clearly seen that she was actually heading south away from the airport and towards Carss Park where her home is !

  10. 7 should easily win this week, they only need to make up 3.7% and last week they won Wed by 8.6% this week worlds strictest is 90mins and there is no block. Thurs will be close and 7 will win Fri and Sat by a good margin. If 9 were going to win a week it would have been last week.

  11. Will be interesting to see if Seven can pull it through.

    I hope they can – I want to see a clean sweep throughout the year, in the hope it’ll put a further boot up the other channels to get their act together. 😉

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