Returning: Four Weddings, World’s Strictest Parents

Observational series Four Weddings and World’s Strictest Parents will return to Seven next week.

Four Weddings
7:30pm Tuesday August 9
It’s game on for our four feisty brides! Baeu runs her own events company and sets the bar with her big budget when Australia’s Got Talent winners ‘Justice Crew’ perform. No-one is ready for Tanya’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ themed wedding with a surprise appearance from Gollum himself! Youngest bride Amy, shocks her  judges when they find out what 560 guests sounds like. Zany from Tamworth won her reception in a Sumo wrestling contest, it’s a ‘giddy up’ theme which suits horse trainer fiance Paul fine. They all battle it  out for a fantasy honeymoon to Tahiti. Whose wedding will take the cake?

World’s Strictest Parents
7:30pm Wednesday August 10
“South Africa”
World’s Strictest Parents returns pairing head-strong Aussie teens with strict parents on the other side of the globe. Can seven days of tough love – no swearing, no smoking, no drugs, no wild parties and early curfews – tame our wild teens? Our Aussie parents are desperate to find out.


  1. This should be a lot of fun.It’s Funny some of you should mention HIMYM That used to be a Family Guy Lead in back when 7 was showing the cartoon now they show it after Winners and Losers.
    I would rather watch 7’s Female Skewed Tuesdays over the crap 9 and 10 shove at us which is either full on violent or aimed at meat heads/hoons.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    I managed to see a promo for this last week. It was the promo with the lord of the rings themed wedding where a guy playing Gollem was in it. The reaction of the other contestants “Brides” was priceless. They were totally freaked out but more so disgusted at the thought of a ugly weirdo attending a wedding and delivering the ring. Personally i have to agree with them, but the theme was lord of the rings and Gollem was part of the movie, so i guess it does make sense. Still not my cup of tea. To sum up great promo and the show should be good.

  3. Four Weddings for Tuesday night makes sense as Seven’s Tuesdays have been female-skewed for the past few years. Should go well with PTTR when it returns in six weeks, and triple episodes of HIMYM

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