Returning: Hot in Cleveland

Nine brings back Betty White and the girls of Hot in Cleveland with guest star Mary Tyler Moore.

Nine brings back Betty White and the girls of Hot in Cleveland on Monday night following The Block.

This episode guest stars Mary Tyler Moore, the first time since The Mary Tyler Moore Show in 1977 that White and Moore have performed in scripted scenes togther. Ed Asner, who played Lou Grant, also makes a cameo appearance at the end of the episode.

“Free Elka”
Elka’s behind bars and sharing her cell with a very familiar face. The other ladies try to raise bail money, but are faced with issues of their own.

It airs 8pm Monday on Nine.

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  1. @Belinda – here’s a tip, Nine doesn’t know how to take advantage of things. I agree M&M should have aired on one of their channels when Bridesmaids was hot.

    @franz chong – just how is the show a disgrace? It might not be very funny or good but I’d hardly call it a disgrace.

    Tip of the day kids, you don’t like a show then change the channel, you now have more FTA choice than ever.

  2. This show is a disgrace.I do miss the Nine of when Kerry Packer was alive and the ability back then to give us excellent programming on any given night.Even a half hour funniest home videos or another Airline/Airport type show would do a lot better.I miss come fly with me that was nine’s best attempt at doing a sitcom that wasn’t an out of date US Sitcom.

  3. I take it Nine have given up on their “Home of Laughter” campaign?

    Mike and Molly bombed three times, Shit my dad says was a fail. Airing two sitcoms (BBT and HiC) a week is not exactly “Home of Comedy”.

  4. Season two has been quite good, and Betty White is getting more scenes. However, the episode which aired in the US this week only had Betty shown via Skype chatting to the other woman, as she was not able to attend that week for filming. I was going to go to the taping of that episode in May when I was in LA, but it conflicted with other plans.

  5. Doesn’t Nine also have the rights to ‘Happily Divorced’ and what happened to ‘Better with You’, GEM was promoting it but they it was dropped. Not to mention Mr Sunshine ans Episodes, both are yet to make their debut locally.

  6. As pretty uninspiring as the first series was, the chance to see legends MTM and Betty White together is irresistible. I hope the show improves this seson,. it has a great cast, but such a forced premise. And they must give Betty more to do, than just cross the set and give a quick quip! Next to the Golden Girls, it is pretty ordinary. Big shoes to fill. Can Valerie Harper appear as Valerie Bertinelli’s mother?

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