Returning: Packed to the Rafters

Seven returns Packed to the Rafters next week at 8:30pm Tuesday, followed by the finale of Winners and Losers at 9:30pm.

The move will surprise many who expected it to resume on August 30th.

But Seven’s programming will help offset an expected big start to the week by Nine’s Block / Underbelly double, and potentially complicate Nine’s hopes to win a week of ratings.

Dinner Date Australia is out for the night.

“Sweet Sorrow”
Rachel’s doubts are intensified as she visits Jake to invite him to her  farewell dinner. One thing leads to another and the invitation inevitably  turns into a moment of good-bye passion. With Rachel now confused,  Nathan convinces her she’s made the right decision and she’ll regret  it forever if she doesn’t go. Dave’s father, Tom, announces his parole  has come through and he’s looking forward to spending more time  with the family. Rachel tearfully farewells her family and sets off  overseas, but Jake takes off in pursuit, determined to catch her,  resulting in an emotional roadside exchange between the two lovers.

Seven will also play the last six Rafters eps at 12 midday on Monday and Tuesday next week.


  1. One thing I forgot to ask, Seven is promoting this as a ‘whole new season’ so does this mean it will be S5 ep01 or will it S4 ep07? since we only got 6 eps at the start of the year and S3 already on DVD has 22 ep which ended late last year.

    What is the official word from Seven?

  2. @Michael – all I meant was any gain from the return of PTTR could be cancelled out by the later start time. As for AGT it was a ratings monster, so of course it helped W&L at the later start time. Guess we’ll see next week.

    Parenthood – the earlies it could be on Tuesday night here is the following week, the 20th. So 5 weeks away.

  3. Something Decent will be on.I feel sorry for the Idiots who watch their NCIS at the same hour not knowing what they are really missing out on by watching family friendly drama instead of violent crime shows and the same for Top Gear(James May is one of many reasons I stopped watching that nonsense and the overdone repeats too)

  4. @ Craig, I doubt a 9:30pm start for Winners & Losers will affect its ratings. It started at 9:30pm the other week due to AGT and still rated around 1.2 – 1.3 million. I hope Parenthood is fast-tracked but doubt it seeing as Dinner Date is still hanging around.

  5. Good to see the Rafters return but ‘bumping’ W&L back 1 hour, won’t help the ratings. Any gain from PTTR will be cancelled out but the later start time IMO.

    OT – so does this open the way for Seven to fast track Parenthood in a few weeks? S3 starts in the US Sept 13.

  6. @ JJ I agree, W&L has had poor treatment, but 7 will still be happy with the ratings! The problem is AGT gets good ratings for 7 and poor or deliberate editing delayed W&L too much (prob why Rafters was off air while AGT was on)!

  7. I’ve enjoyed Winners and Losers so much that I’m dreading the return of Rafters. W & L has been treated really shabbily by Seven by having unknown late start times sometimes starting as late as 9.30pm, not being shown on some weeks and now having the finale on at 9.30pm. I bet they wouldn’t treat their beloved Rafters this way, I’m one that won’t be watching and am eagerly awaiting the return of W & L next year.

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