Returning: Rush

Police drama Rush returns to TEN next week, airing at 9:30pm on Thursday September 1st.

This will be the fourth season for the Tactical Response team and initiates a major storyline across its 13 episodes.

TEN did not announce the show amongst its returning dramas at its 2012 Programming launch last week.

TEN’s award winning police drama is back. And it’s better than ever.

Opening with the assassination of the Victorian police minister, Kerry Vincent (Catherine McClements) has now appointed a new taskforce, Cicero, in order to find those responsible. Apart of that task force is our beloved Tactical Response team with a new addition, Charlie Lewis.

Lewis (played by Outrageous Fortune’s Antony Starr) is brought in above Lawson (Rodger Corser) which is less than welcome news for a man who is used to having things his own way. How will this new leadership sit with TR? And who won’t even have their job after the first briefing?

As this newly appointed task starts to find those responsible, they uncover a convoluted criminal  web that goes deeper than any of them imagined. Spanning across thirteen episodes, this new  season will see gun fights, car chases, hostage scenarios and explosions all piecing together for one hell of a ride.


  1. Rush is a brilliant drama that never fails to entertain. 13 episodes for season 4 is an insult to all involved with producing this show. To think the season will be over in 6 or so weeks is such a shame. Channel 10 – Don’t you think it is about time we support our Australian shows instead of encouraging the domination of the over rated US dramas…how many versions of Law & Order do we really need on our screens? and lets not forget NCIS…NCIS LA is nothing compared to it’s parent show NCIS…and the same goes for all the Law & Order spin offs. Sadly, I’ve lost interest in both those shows due to the spin offs, they’re a real turn off. Rush repeats on dvd and Foxtel are a far better option than wasting time tuning in to some of Tens current choices.

  2. Welcome back Rush. Love the show have watch it from the beginning and have been waiting to come back, but what’s with ” Josh” new hair style. It looks off from the front and so short at the back. What happen to his previous sexy hair style and look. Rodger you are still very sexy. Great show.

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