Survivor: South Pacific: cast?

Spoiler: They are yet to be announced by CBS but websites are already spoiling the fun on the cast of Survivor: South Pacific.

So here is the info according to those who know better:

Survivor 23’s initial tribes will be blue and red.

Returning contestants include Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth from Survivor: Cook Islands and Survivor: Micronesia, and Ben “Coach” Wade from Survivor: Tocatins and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

The Survivor: South Pacific cast Blue Tribe is made up of “Coach,” Albert Destrade, a high school basketball coach, and Brandon Hantz, the nephew of Russell Hantz.

The tribe also has Christine Shields, a teacher, Edna Ma, a physician / anesthesiologist, and Mikayla Wingle, a bartender / Playboy cover model and player in the Lingerie Football League. Wrapping up the Blue Tribe is cattle rancher Rick Nelson, medical school student Sophie Clarke, and funeral director Stacey Powell.

The Survivor: South Pacific cast Red Tribe consists of “Ozzy,” Dawn Meehan, an English professor at BYU, and Elyse Umemoto. Elyse is a model, go-go dancer, Miss Washington 2007, and was the second runner-up of Miss America 2008.

Also joining the Red Tribe is Jim Rice, a medical marijuana dispensary owner and professional poker player, John Cochran, a student at Harvard Law School, and Keith Tollefson, an environmental field technician. Rounding out the tribe is Mark Anthony Caruso, a registered nurse / retired morgue NYPD detective, Semhar Tadesse, a poet  /writer  /model/ actress, and singer  /songwriter Whitney Duncan.

It premieres in the US on Wednesday, September 14 and will air in Australia on GO!

Source: Gather, Survivor Sucks


  1. Channel 9 today still dont have it on their programming although it will be on 9 or GO and they will screen catch up episodes……unfortunatly the die hards will have downloaded ep’s by then and the ratings will still look like no one watches…

  2. This really sounds like a huge step back to 2 seasons ago when I was ready to quit watching. Ozzy and Coach are two of the most tedious, undeserving former Survivors. I hope this season is good…but I’m getting ready for the worst.

  3. Hope airing it on GO! means fast-tracked.

    Producers love Russell so much they’d have him on every season if they could. Next best thing – his nephew? OMG.

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