TEN 2012 Programming Launch

Young Talent Time, The Julian Assange Story, Breakfast, Reef Doctors, Puberty Blues plus more Renovators and George Negus are amongst TEN's 2012 highlights.

TEN has now announced its highlights for 2012.

They include (NB: list is not complete):

  • Rob Mills will host a Young Talent Time revival.
  • The Renovators will return.
  • Andrew Rochford will co-host a new morning television show simply called Breakfast. His co-host is yet to be announced. To be modelled on The 7pm Project in format.
  • 6:30 with George Negus remains
  • New drama adaptation of Puberty Blues by Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey
  • New drama series based on the Great Barrier Reef, called Reef Doctors featuring Lisa McCune who will also co-produce
  • Underground: The Julian Assange Story, which tells the story of an 18 year old Australian who allegedly hacked the CIA website.
  • Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms
  • MasterChef Australia
  • The Biggest Loser: Singles
  • Homeland, featuring Mandy Patinkin and Claire Daines
  • Terra Nova
  • The Graham Norton Show
  • New Girl, featuring Zooey Deschanel
  • Bones spin-off The Finder.
  • The 2-2, US series about rookie cops produced by Robert DeNiro
  • The Gifted Man, featuring Patrick Wilson as a competitive surgeon
  • How to Be a Gentleman, starring Reece Darby (Flight of the Conchords) and Kevin Dillon
  • The Good Wife
  • Modern Family
  • Glee
  • NCIS
  • NCIS: Los Angeles
  • Bondi Vet
  • Bondi Rescue
  • The Circle
  • The 7pm Project
  • Offspring
  • Can of Worms
  • Merlin

David Mott says of The Renovators, “So far the format has underperformed. But it’s a brand we believe in so we are working directly with Shine to renovate The Renovators for 2011 and beyond.”

A spokewoman said it was too early to say whether there would be new seasons of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation and Junior MasterChef in 2012 when the current seasons were only just on air or soon to air. TEN says it is yet to make a decision on whether it will revive It’s A Knockout.

Still to come this year are Class of 2011, Rush, Recruits: Paramedics and Good News World, from the makers of Good News Week and the AFL Grand Final.

This post updates.

Source: The Australian, Yahoo, Herald Sun

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  1. Merlin? they get rid of Merlin for another round of boring young talent time!
    So 1970’s

    Is it any wonder people do illegal downloads! so they get to see the programs they actually want to see and enjoy!

    TEN is a loser…

  2. Oh for gods sake, Don’t let them pretty up Puberty Blues. It was a gritty, ugly book that told a lot of unpalatable truths, and I loathe the thought of seeing it turned into something as glossy as a soap opera. The original movie had to raise the real ages of the girls, but stuck pretty closely to the book. So many 80s movies / songs / etc are getting prettied up and so far, not one of them lives up to the original so far as I can see.

  3. Im a huge channel 10 fan and i want channel ten to win a ratings year, as i have been hoping for a while.
    TEN needs to..more than ever…fix its 5-7.30 timeslot.
    Epecilly 6.30 with george negus.
    Its not going to win any nights if this problem is not resolved.
    My suggestion: Sandra Sully!! She would be perfect for the show because she is very popular. With george negus, sandra sully and hamish mcdonld, doing high profile interviews and serious top stories, they will make it a success. Clearly, george negus is not strong enough to carry the show on his shoulders.

    Secondly, The Renovators is awesome, way better than the Block. If they show more of the houses instead of the challenges, and put the show before the Block next year, then they easily will make it a success.

    Thirdly, ELEVEN AND ONE. Eleven is filled with old crappy shows form the 80’s and 90’s. Boringgg. Replace these shows with simpsons and neighbours, then it will easily be the highest rated digitl channel. ONE however, needs better sports, soccerr anyone??

    Finally, Brekfast. WTF. Good Morning Australia is much better and it sounds like a leading morning show. I love this idea by the way, this is the best direction for the channel o far.

    but seriously, guys, Fix that timeslot nowwww

  4. I am not impressed at all by this. They have essentially bought some unknown shows which may or may not work. Yet they have not released anything about the sports rights which they own. As Vicky has noted what about the NBL and the NBA contracts what is happening to that. If the NBL go back to Foxtel, Foxtel will treat the sport with contempt as they did in the last two years of the contract and the sport will be in the daldrems once again. I think the NBA will stay because it works in favour of their current programing style. US/international sport in the morings and earley afternoons and tv shows in prime time. 11 has to be better utilised then it currently is. Are there going to be any new episodes of the simpsons? what about a kids programing slot on 11 in the afternoons the sixties to eighties shows in the afternoon time slot in my opinion are the worst thing about 11. ALso what about getting some better sci fi shows old or new, as long they are great.

  5. @ Tanya – what does that mean?

    So what if a lot of people don’t watch the ABC? I do and I have been following Graham Norton since he started on ABC2 as have quite a few other people judging by the comments here.

    If 10 had watched this show properly they would realise that no matter how entertaining it is, it is completely unsuited to a commercial network. I was thinking to myself last night where the hell can you shove the ads in? It is so fast paced the only option would be cutting bits probably.

    Hate, hate, hate!

  6. I am kind of disappointed that they decided against a New Wonder World and Double Dare as a 4:30pm offering from 2012 onwards as a lead in to the news instead relying on the far from suitable Bold and the Beautiful.I am not a kid myself but kind of miss the era of family friendly shows after school

  7. With The Graham Norton Show… I can only hope it turns out like Midsomer Murders / Vicar of Dibley and ABC shows it first, other networks later… But sadly I don’t think that will pan out…..

  8. I’d love to see It’s A Knockout come back. And interesting bring back YTT.
    What about Rules of Engagement? Is that coming back because that is a great show.
    And thank you for not bringing back Big Brother. I don’t know about The Renovators coming back though.
    And I’m glad The Biggest Loser is coming back too, but I thought it weas going to be Families next year.

  9. @ Trent ….. I think the reason Big Brother is not being considered is the extreme costs of the show. Dreamworld and Queensland Government paid for much of the show when it was last on air. I believe much of the house had been pulled down. The infrastructure would have to re-built and financial partners discovered. And It would have to be guaranteed to be a ratings winner and the demographic is just not wide enough. Big Brother had its moment.

  10. Hard to see how Puberty Blues could differ greatly from H&A unless they run it late evening and turn it into a cross between H&A and The Box!!

    Somehow I don’t think the list is complete and the absence of shows such as Bolt and 7PM Report doesn’t mean they’re gone.

    As I understand it, Bolt is reaching Ten’s targets for the targetted demographic. It was always meant to be a niche program and designed to be very much a counterpoint to offerings such as Insiders and Drum on ABC which are arguably as far left as Bolt is right.

  11. Cant believe the disrespect channel 10 has shown it’s loyal Big Brother viewers.. You give us the bloody renovators, How thrilling.

    The haters of Big Brothers were loud and clear, the supporters were reasonably silent. But the haters won.. Not fair

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