TEN bumps Renovators on Sundays

TEN moves Renovators to 6:30pm Sunday and brings in Your Gen to help out.

Plan B is beginning to take effect at TEN.

The network has made another change to its Renovators schedule, moving the show from 7:30pm next Sunday to 6:30pm, to be replaced by Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation. Last night the show pulled 723,000 viewers, fourth in its slot.

The move will attempt to combat the premiere of Wild Boys on Seven.

This means Bondi Vet‘s final two episodes are no longer scheduled.

So far there is no change to Your Gen‘s slightly ill-fitting 8:30pm Wednesday slot.

This is the second major change to Renovators original schedule of 7:30pm on six nights of the week.

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  1. Keep trying it Ch10 but I’ve already switched off. Having every episode in the warehouse in some sort of challenge, or outsode off-site in some other sort of challenge… *yawn* I’d like to actually See them renovate their houses…

  2. I don’t think Wild Boys will do that well in the slot, its an odd fit to have a drama at 7:30pm (Can’t remember the last time that happened since McLeods??)

    Ten can’t just keep fighting fires in the schedule, its a crazy business model and something needs to stem the flow ASAP

  3. I find 6 episodes very unnecessary the Monday inspection episode could be edited down to 10mins and tell just as much. And the Wed episode; a whole hour for building a BBQ area? Survivor manages to fit a rewards challenge, immunity challenge, camp bitching and a tribal council all in one hour.
    And the Fri ep rates so bad even for tens Friday standards it should be moved to weekend afternoons.
    My plan B for ten would be:
    Sun: bondi/TBYG
    Mon: white room (1hr)
    Tues: inspection/ elimination (1hr)
    Wed: immunity / elimination (1hr)
    Thurs: modern family (new and rep)
    Fri: Undercover Boss US

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