TEN to revive Young Talent Time ….and even It’s a Knockout?

Speculation is rife ahead of next week’s 2012 Programming Launch that some old faves are coming back.

Legendary media buyer Harold Mitchell has written in the The Age:

“But now the electricity is firing through the Ten Network with some big announcements scheduled for next week. The management will make it clear to the advertising market that they are back to high-level targeting, which is a great way to convince advertisers to pour money back into the station.”

“Rumour is that Ten is going to come out with a spectacular breakfast program.

“Other program speculations are for a Grundy version of It’s A Knockout plus a bikie wars series from the Underbelly mob. So it looks like Ten is going to have a bit more muscle and could well be a serious force again.”

TEN has already confirmed The Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms a long time ago.

Sarah Murdoch, wife of interim CEO Lachlan Murdoch, is tipped to be a presenter if a breakfast show goes ahead. Murdoch was considered a success when she co-hosted the Today show prior to Lisa Wilkinson.

Meanwhile the Herald Sun speculates that TEN may revive Young Talent Time:

“It is understood the show — which produced some of Australia’s brightest stars, including Tina Arena, Debra Byrne and sisters Kylie and Dannii Minogue — will be back on Network Ten, which screened the original.

“A Ten spokesperson declined to comment yesterday, but it is believed an announcement on the new YTT will be made as early as next week.”


  1. patricia dent

    It is about time Rob Mills wore more casual clothes Good to see him looking trendy not a suit like a business man. Also he just needs to be natuaral and cut the acting. Otherwise a good show

  2. For all those people begging to bring back Big Brother there is one thing I have to say to them. Watching a bunch of idiots sitting around talking gibberish is a not entertainment. Probably is for people with very small minds with nothing to do with their lives.
    Get a life! Major turn off!
    There is soooooo much more entertainment and content in a show such as YTT or Australia has talent. The contestant have to have some talent to be on the show.

  3. Just wait… channel ten is getting angrier.. because channel 9 has now the rights fo a all new big brother show in 2012.. this means channel ten is so mad with channel 9 that channel ten wants to be the bully by adding back the young tallent time and even its a nockout show…… just at the very same time slot when big brother eviction nights apears……

    Its going to happen. im a fan of this and that and big brother and its a nockout… i think i might have to buy another dvd recorder to record both channels at the same time. 🙂 in 2012..

  4. Jamie Redfern would be a popular host for a revived Young Talent Time .

    Perhaps a co-hosting role with Karen Knowles ?

    YTT would be ideal for ELEVEN , maybe they could show the original series as well , before Neighbours, many of the Young Talent Team went on to star in Neighbours .

    it would be good to see early Tiny Tina Arena, Danielle Minogue,( before Daniele became Dannii) Debbie Byrne , Phillip Gould .etc .

  5. Bring back Double Dare to 4:30pm as a News Lead In and drop or Move Bold and the Beautiful while they are at it why not a 21st Century version of Wonder World as their other option at that time of day.It’s disgraceful in this day and age that kids and parents have to sit through a trashy soap while waiting for the 5pm News.Whatever happened to family friendly viewing after school When I was a Kid 5 to 6pm was either Looney Tunes Cartoons,Grange Hill/Degrassi,Early Home and Away episodes which now screen on 7 TWO and whatever Ten was dishing up at that time.Now except for the ABC it’s all news services,Deal or No Deal and Hot Seat a huge step backwards

  6. scott has wings

    Can you also Please revive Big Brother! Im pretty sure in England they revived it.
    So now its our time to revive the most fave show Big Brother!

    Please Murdoch Bring Back Big Brother if you do your a Legend!
    You will go down in History as the Best!! CEO Of All Time!!! By reviving The Most Entertaining Show in The World! Big Brother!!!!!

  7. I myself would love It’s a knockout to come back. I would have it a 6 Team comp. One from each state compete.

    To this day, I remember the theme song and still know it word by word.

  8. Yeah. I liked YTT when I was younger. I watched because I was in love with Jane Scali 🙂

    I think what happens with this sort of show, is that the TV gets tuned for the Kids

    And the Adults watch their Kids enjoying the show

    Yeah. Bring back some amazing young talent.

    I think people get a kick out off seeing talented Kids.

  9. It’s a Knockout, that’s the name of the gaaaaame!!!

    Yes!!!!! But how the same network that pulled JJ could have such a great idea suggests this is no more than a total fantasy…. Sigh.

    (ps: does apex exist anymore??)

  10. Oztvheritage(you tube)

    It’s a knockout would probably work in this day and age. But has to shot at night. Before the 80s IAK. In the 70s it was Almost Anything Goes(anybody else remember) both became expensive and became daytime recordings which looked very average

    YTT would not work. Audiences expect Higher quality acts on television nowadays and I don’t think singing and dancing teenagers would work.
    Breakfast show- it would have to be good and different to succeed and build a network success around.

  11. I kind of remember the days of Double Dare when it was a 4:30pm offering after school and would like them to consider bringing it back and putting it there.It was something everyone could enjoy and family friendly which is more than what I can say of the Bold and the Beautiful which has been sitting there in the same timeslot since 1996

  12. I have a quick suggestion for Ten’s program launch next week (I wish I could come though, what’s the ticket price?): Fire lachlan Murdoch !!! He is a cancer on your network that must be excised fast if Sports Tonight and 6:30 is to be saved.

    PS. I approve of you bringing back YTT and It’s a Knockout, though.

  13. all the way for ”it’s a knockout”!! Was it Jackie Mc Donald who used to host it? I’m over these talent shows..i really do hope they don’t bring back Young Talent Time, leave it in the past. Now ch9 should bring back Hey Hey……..again.

  14. If YTT does come back – who would Ten’s dream host be?
    Dannii would be perfect – but I doubt 10 could afford her & there’s no way 7 will let her go!
    I’m surprised that 7 don’t use Dannii more in other shows!

  15. You have got to be joking with regards to YTT and IAK! This is stuff that belongs on 1950’s era television! It was way over-dated when it was on air in the 70’s and 80’s! Can’t be long before Bob Shanks comes back to pitch Family Double Dare and Candid Camera again! Strange to think that the axing of Video Hits last weekend comes speculation that YTT will be back. The late Gary Dunstan who was sacked from TEN for questionable dealings with record companies was the EP of both Video Hits, and YTT before that.

  16. oh puhlease its a knockout and young talent time how lame if thats the best ten can come up with then im afraid that network is in dire str8;s and all should be sacked and how possibly could Grundy’s produce anything they sold out to fremantle media and look what they have done to neighbours murdered it rather than a teen toddlers and tiara’s which is what ytt was or a stupid game show how bout some good old fashioned australian drama i mean wat next e street the next generation! or how bout the restless years or number 76 as opposed to 96 or even better 10 execs why dont u really go for broke and resurrect arcade,………………cause maybe you and i are walking through a timewarp in the arcade!

  17. Tas Cameraman

    Well what a blast from the past. Maybe it could work. I do not think that I could watch it though. If they want to bring back some old shows how about :”Maverick” “Z Cars”
    and the wonderful BBC series “Warship”

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