TEN wins Sunday

At 90 minutes just to showcase cookbook recipes, MasterChef Australia helped Network TEN to win Sunday night’s ratings share. But it wasn’t the only help.

MasterChef was the night’s top show on 1.73m viewers.  It bettered 60 Minutes (1.3m), Grand Designs (922,000), Great Migrations (695,000) and Lost Worlds: Secrets Of Stonehenge (329,000).

Earlier The Block delivered a similar knockout blow with 1.72m viewers, thumping Sunday Night (1.44m), Merlin (898,000) and ABC News (697,000).

At 8:30pm Midsomer Murders was (1.16m), followed by Bones (1.00m), Angels & Demons (558,000), Dateline (114,000). TEN’s Devil Wears Prada movie at 9pm was 673,000 but it helped them sustain eyeballs for longer across the night.

Also aiding TEN’s win was FIA Formula One World Championship with 303,000 viewers on ONE. All up it proved to be a night where TEN’s three channels combined to give it a network win.

Second place was a close tussle with Seven edging out Nine by 0.1%.

Week 32


  1. I wonder if TEN will now go the extra mile and make next year’s MC episodes 120 mins long? Consider the 90 minute time frame helped average out the numbers better. Perhaps even better next week when time shift figures come into play.

    Please how about you join the line of others who ‘won’t be watching anymore’ and shhh already.

  2. Masterchef – Monday 1-August – what a disgrace. None of the 4 contestants prepared and served a fully cooked Maggie Beer terrine. What a disgrace that the recipe failed. And a bigger disgrace that Gary went into ar5* covering mode by saying that the recipe had been successfully tested 15 times. Even Michael who cooked the terrine as per the recipe came a short. I think the recoipe came up short and Maggie and the knucklehead hosts should fall on their swords for ruining a prime time tv slot. I wont bother watching this garbage any more.

  3. Armchair Analyst

    I think that this is just a flash in the pan thats all. Network Ten is in the dauldrems and will continue to be their for quite some time. Network Ten need to make all 3 channels succesful in order to be succesful. This latest suprising win does not deminish the terrible state that the network is in, Lachlan has not made anything better and cheif programing officer David Mott needs to be sacked his latest decisions have been terrible. No doubt that James Warburton will need to pull a rabit out of a hat if Ten is to be succesful. If he manages that then he will be a genious.

  4. Oh dear, the only thing most people can comment on is the use of one or two words? No need to take the choice of words quite so literally! The article illustrates the point well enough I think.

    Despite Ten winning the night (I think by luck more than good planning given they dropped 1m from MC to the movie) I think it’s bizarre that Ten has chosen movie re-runs to lead out from MC for last night and next Sunday… they should be bringing out their big guns on the back of these final Sunday eps of MC.

  5. Mr. chandler

    abother terrible story on sunday night. who produces thoae stories. fair dinkum if you’re going to do a story like the peter falconio murder. get a lawyer that has some sort of credibility. pathetic as usual by sunday night, that story was nearly as bad as the daniel morcombe story

  6. Secret Squïrrel

    @Brad and @Andrew – I don’t think James is commenting on David’s use of more than one verb, but rather his particular choice and application. Picky, but I’m going to go with James on this one. ‘Thumped’ certainly does imply “won by a large margin” where ‘bettered’ is more neutral in tone.

  7. @ James, I thought exactly the same thing even before i read your bit. Anyone getting 1.44 million is hardly a thumping. A great result i would have thought.

  8. @James – Oh shut up. Using identical wording in each sentence would make for a dull, unreadable article. Nothing wrong with busting out the ol’ thesaurus. The basic message was clear, both shows beat other shows.

  9. @James David obviously tries to avoiding using the same verb. I wouldn’t get too excited about it. 7 wouldn’t be too worried by The Blck given it only has 3 weeks to run.

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