The Gruen Transfer: Aug 10

This week on The Gruen Transfer, Wil Anderson is joined by Todd Sampson (Leo Burnett), Russel Howcroft (GPYR), -who are both apparently behaving this week- plus guests Carolyn Miller (Moon) and Dan Gregory (Smart).

How Do You Sell? Banks. Australian four big banks are the most profitable in the world – it’s estimated they’ll make $110 billion this year. Between them, they spend around $190 million a year on advertising. And yet, nobody really thinks of them as being different from each other. Earlier this year, NAB kicked off an ambitious marketing scheme to distance itself from its competitors. Brilliant or bogus?

Ad Crunch– Skittles. A couple of weeks ago, two young LA directors uploaded a tasteless parody ad online, racking up millions of views. When should a brand demand that a video be taken down and when should it leave it?

The Pitch:
Tonight’s challenge comes from Facebook friend Sarah De Bellis. She wants agencies to convince Australians that we should lower the legal drinking age to 16. Fnuky (Adelaide) Vs The Workshop (Sydney)

9pm Wednesday on ABC1.


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