The Gruen Transfer: Aug 31

This week on The Gruen Transfer Wil Anderson,Todd Sampson (Leo Burnett), Russel Howcroft (GPYR) are joined by Dan Gregory (Smart) and author and advertising lecturer Jane Caro.

The topics for this week are:

How Do You Sell Snack Bars? Fifteen million school lunches are eaten in Australia every week. Meanwhile, adults are snacking between meals more than ever. The “healthy” snack bar is a tempting offer, but is it less than it appears? Choice magazine recently tested 31 snack bars and wasn’t prepared to label even one of them as healthy. Most have more than 20% sugar and some more saturated fat than a packet of chips. So how come they’re almost all marketed as nutritious?

Ad Crunch: KFC’s Darren Simpson premium burgers. Ready Steady Cook chef Darren Simpson has been copping flak from other chefs for spruiking the fast food chain’s new gourmet burgers (even more calories than the non-gourmet ones). Why has KFC, acompany that sells its food in buckets, decided that now is the time to appear classy? And aren’t we over the whole chef-as-salesman thing?

The Pitch:
This week’s challenge comes from an anonymous Twitterer, PersonaRedacted. He would like to see a campaign to convince the tens of millions of teenagers around the globe that Facebook is uncool. Can our agencies step up?
Ogilvy Vs Arnold Furnace.

9pm Wednesday on ABC1.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    This show keeps gettin better and better, just love it. As for how do you convince teenagers that social media like facebook and others is Un cool well its simple you remind them that corporations are using it to try and get them to by stuff which has little to no use. I say go for the jagular, just tell them that by using Facebook that you are a pawn in their game of chess that is used to increase thier profits. simple.

  2. To put the kiddies off facebook for life, just show them their profile in 20 years time (and remind them that every boss they will ever have will see most of it). D’oh you need a time machine….

  3. Love Gruen so much! I think they have the balance of serious discussion and humour just right. The content is always up to date and relevant and personally I think Wil Anderson is a great host, his jokes are always very relevant to the topic, well timed, and don’t appear scripted. Hope the show is around for many seasons to come 🙂

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