The Inbetweeners Movie: edgier but emotional

On August 17 in the UK the feature film version of The Inbetweeners will be released (assuming they aren’t all busy rioting that is).

The film will be the last adventure for the boys from Rudge Park Comprehensive, as they take off on a holiday to Malia, Crete.

23-year-old James Buckley, who plays Jay, recently joked about the quality of the sitcom, saying: “I think we have rode our luck out. It’s just a silly little programme, isn’t it? It’s a laugh. It’s just s***, isn’t it?”

That tongue-in-cheek comment may have confused some but Simon Bird (Will) says there is more to the boys’ relationship.

“There’s a nostalgic element to The Inbetweeners,” he tells the Telegraph. “Even though it’s disgusting and puerile, it is quite gentle at heart with the relationship between the boys. In that way it doesn’t feel as modern or fast-paced or harsh as something made by teenagers. It’s got a more mature and softer tone to it, as well as lots of jokes.”

The film is also said to be edgier than the television series, with stronger language and more nudity. It is also, conversely, more emotional.

“There’s more of a sentimental, coming-of-age feel that the series never had,” director Ben Palmer says. “We never allowed sentimentally in the show, which is just wall-to-wall banter, apart from the last little spot in the final episode. However much they take the p*ss out of each other, the boys are a very tight-knit group and we’ve had fun exploring that more in the film. It needed that. You have to have that kind of depth to the characters. It’s not just about pulling girls and trying to have sex for the first time, which is basically what the TV show is all about.”

NB: Language, Adult Themes.


  1. Charlie Kelly


    yes I read that they were doing a couple specials as well.

    Anyways, the trailer is a bit disappointing. Still, can’t wait to see it!

  2. Never got into The Inbetweeners but fans would be happy about this.

    Re: the Skins movie it appears to be postponed indefinitely, according to Wikipedia. Damn shame, would have been great to see Tony, Sid, Cassie, Michelle, Effy and the entire crew again

  3. ” said to be edgier than the television series, with stronger language”

    Christ it must be blue…i have heard the boys use language that would make a sailor blush !

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