Todd’s t-shirts cause a stir

The Gruen Transfer‘s Todd Sampson is known for his unique t-shirts he wears on the show.

But last week his attire triggered heated debate from some viewers.

He wore an ‘I love Sarah Palin’ t-shirt.

An ABC spokesperson told TV Tonight,” We got lots of people ring up complaining and Facebook and Twitter comments.”

One woman called the ABC switchboard in Sydney to say “I find Todd’s I love Sarah Palin t-shirt is offensive” and hung up. Another said. “I will NOT watch Gruen until Todd is removed from the ABC for THAT shirt. He is a left wing hypocrite.”

“People perhaps hadn’t realised that Todd had won a similar tee shirt with the image of Sarah Palin brandishing a machine gun last season,” the spokesperson said.

But one viewer is so devoted to Sampson’s wardrobe they have set up a fan site, which archives his entire on-screen collection.



  1. …Or he was being sarcastic with this tshirt. good lord, if i ever become one of those people that feels the need to call up tv stations to complain, somebody Please shoot me

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