Top Design: Aug 10

Spoiler: It seems The Renovators is not the only design show where somebody throws in the towel.

Tonight on Top Design there are tears and tantrums, family reunions, one contestant eliminated and one contestant walks.

It is Top Design’s biggest week ever. Our budding designers have to transform caravans for a very important group of clients – their loved ones.

Top Design has been turned upside down by three new invaders. They’re all stirring the pot but one is letting loose.

“It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys!” Karl, Top Design
“Don’t be a twit all your life, have half an hour off!” Karl, Top Design.
“I don’t hate young people as much as I thought I did!” Karl, Top Design.

Top Design: See how Aussies from all walks of life transform everyday living spaces with an elimination every episode.

With $100,000 and the title of Top Design at stake, this series celebrates the most daring and dazzling ideas.

Wednesday, August 10, at 8pm on Channel Nine.


  1. I watched the first two eps, recorded the next two and just can’t be bothered watching them. last night I deleted them and te Serra link from IQ. I was really hoping for it to be more like BravoTVs US version which had lots of credibility – every contestant was a professional designer (like topchef). Turned me off when I realised some were and others weren’t (one woman worked
    In a credit union- WTF). This one isn’t for me.

  2. Save me from bullies

    Absolutely disgusted at how unpleasant this show is. Karl is passive aggressive – smiling while wanting to hit someone. Don’t want to watch all those sulky bitchy people. Get that at work!

    Want some glamour and stunning cushions and less people and judges.

  3. josephine jones

    Shame Karl had to leave as he was the only one that had real talent , character & skill. The only other person who should win is Steve. Just love Karl’s style and wit.

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