TV1 to unlock Killing Time drama

TV1 will finally premiere Killing Time, its 10-part Australian drama series that had to be pulled before its 2010 premiere due to an Underbelly-style court case.

David Wenham portrays disgraced lawyer Andrew Fraser in the series which was pulled last August by TV1 due to a pending court case in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Now 12 months later, TV1 has announced the first 6 episodes will screen later this year.

The balance of the series will be postponed to avoid potentially impacting ongoing matters still before the courts.

Fraser most recently appeared in a Sunday Night interview insisting that Bradley Murdoch, convicted murder of Peter Falconio, was innocent. In his high‐flying days as a lawyer, Fraser represented the famous and notorious, including Dennis Allen, Jimmy Krakouer and Alan Bond. But he came crashing to earth after cocaine addiction, being disbarred and becoming imprisoned.

Scripted by Ian David (Blue Murder, 3 Acts of Murder), Mac Gudgeon (Last Ride, Halifax, Stingers) and Katherine Thomson (Satisfaction, Answered by Fire), the FremantleMedia Australia has already premiered in New Zealand, away from Victorian court jurisdiction. The production team is led by Jason Stephens (Executive producer/Producer) and John Wild (Producer).

Peter Hudson, CEO TV1, said: “Killing Time is our biggest local production yet and I am tremendously proud of the commitment that brings this incredible story to life. The amazingly talented actors, the crew and the production team at FremantleMedia, have exceeded expectations to deliver a brilliant piece of original Australian television. Killing Time is essential viewing.”

David Wenham added: “It has been said that the life of Andrew Fraser is like a John Grisham novel. Only real! Killing Time was an opportunity for me to work with some of my favourite actors: Colin Friels, Kris McQuade, Terry Norris, Diana Glenn, Kerry Walker, John Brumpton and some actors that I hadn’t previously worked with: Kate Jenkinson, Malcolm Kennard and Richard Cawthorne among others.

“The performances of all these actors are terrific and working with them was the highlight of the series for me. I congratulate TV1 for having a genuine interest in and supporting quality Australian drama.”


  1. Was it my imagination but was a wrong sequence played during killing time last night. It picked up the lawyer in jail. Seemed more than a flash forward though I was reading at the same time so might have got it wrong.

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