Was 3D TV really just a fad?

Were those 3D broadcasts of the State of Origin and World Cup matches just a fad? Possibly.

According to the Courier Mail broadcasting groups have confirmed 3D TV transmitters have now been removed from transmission towers in Australia’s capital cities.

This is despite thousands of viewers splashing out more than $361 million on 3D TVs.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has also received no further applications for 3D TV trials, even though its transmission channel would remain available until December.

But if there was a move towards it, particularly for the London 2012 Olympics, networks could still hold more 3D trials.

“Technically, it can be done,” said Broadcast ONE managing director Darren Kirsop-Frearson. “The antennas are still there but they require a separate (3D) transmitter to send these broadcasts.

“It’s probably a case of economics. It’s not cheap . . . especially for just a couple of weeks.”

And while 3D numbers still remain modest that’s a problem.

Foxtel recently aired 3D footage of the X Games on its 3D channel, but a spokesman confirmed it had no plans to broadcast the Rugby World Cup in 3D.

The Rugby World Cup final, bronze final and semi-finals will be filmed in 3D, however, broadcast at selected Event Cinemas.

Meanwhile Panasonic, Samsung and Sony, are working towards uniformity amongst 3D glasses to save people needing different glasses for different systems.

But never mind 3D.

Viewers would probably be much happier with their favourite shows in glorious HD please.


  1. My girlfriend cant watch 3D (she has epilepsy, and we don’t wanna take the risk), i have never seen the newfangled 3D (im a tightass, don’t wanna pay more, also i don’t really care about it).

    When its holographic 3D then ill be interested.

  2. Charlie Kelly

    3D TV was never going to be mainstream.

    I’ve got a 3D tv and it’s a nifty thing for here and there.

    To those that say people can’t tell the difference with HD, you must be blind, or only seen it on small screen tvs.

    There is a significant difference in clarity when watching. On my 58inch plasma, when I actually do what something in HD.. there’s so little on foxtel or FTA, I really notice the difference.

    Got a 92inch cinema screen with a projector. Really notice the difference there. Just watching Fringe Season One on DVD, followed by Season Two on Blu-Ray. Trust me, you really notice the difference.

  3. Hoyts recently announced that they have Cancelled Airing the Rugby World Cup in 3D.

    Off Hoyts.com.au (see below)
    Previous plans to produce 3D coverage of key matches from the Tournament including the Finals have been reluctantly cancelled after it was confirmed that the production company 3D Live, is no longer able to meet its production commitments.

  4. @ckent – My point was only that it’s unavoidable, so you have to buy a feature that you don’t want, which would skew the take-up statistics and provide an excuse for even more 3DTVs.

    The one benefit is that they generally have better quality components, which means they will last longer and have a quality image.

  5. @GuanoLad, you’re talking as if 3DTVs can’t be used to watch 2DTV. They can. You don’t need glasses.

    Also, the glasses-version of 3DTV is so easy to produce, it adds virtually nothing to the price (without glasses). You have to remember that HDTV prices have been dropping an average of $100 per month for years and years now, across all product categories. Staggering.

  6. I’m in the market for a decent quality TV, and can’t really get one in my range that isn’t 3D ready. It’s now standard, and adds to the expense, even though there’s nothing broadcast on it.

    Plus, like others have mentioned, I don’t want to have to wear dorky glasses and sit in one spot for two hours to get the benefits. I wander around restlessly most of the time, and want to still get the benefit of the movie or TV show I’m watching from any vantage point, which 3D does not allow for.

    It’s definitely a fad, and it’s one nobody asked for. I hope it dies out soon.

  7. Why is this news? The ACMA only ever announced the licences last year as “engineering test licences”, and when asked directly, said they would not allow any more in 2011. Why is the Courier Mail beating this up? The FTA spectrum has been full since 2009, and even that’s entirely based on changes to the law in 2006.

    But go ahead, blame Harvey Norman or the broadcasters, if it makes you feel better.

  8. 3D gives me headaches so if its just a fad so be it.

    IMO Conroy should allow the networks to have the SD main channel and a HD main channel just like it was before all the extra digital channels came in. OR change it to a HD main channel already. Australia is in the dark ages when it comes to HDTV. Its time to bring Australia into the modern world and have everything broadcast in HD. ITs so much better.

  9. Armchair Analyst

    The whole 3D Tv thing is a fad, even if it is not its still very expensive to broadcast, lets face it this country has not even embraced HD tv yet and its 2011. We have many old shows on the HD channels which shouldn’t even be there. So 3D tv is not going to be the norm for at least another decade i am sure, also 3D tv is not as great as people keep saying it is if you have to wear those stupid glasses. 3D tv would be more effective and alluring if you could get the same 3D experience without those glasses.

  10. I’m with Frankie. I can’t watch it. Massive headache after about 20 minutes. I refuse to purchase anything that can do 3D, even if the 2D part is superior, just to make a point to to manufacturers.

  11. @ Jimmy…. how is that the best on the market?
    I have a panasonic 65 Inch standalone HD… lucky enough to get the ones they made at the end of last year that didn’t have 3D.

    Just had a look, and yes, they make 2 3D versions of that 65 Inch now.

    so… how is yours the best where there are bigger ones out there?

    go look at the reviews…everyone raves about this TV

  12. I rather have the investments being to put to used in delivering mpeg4 broadcast over 3d broadcast, mpeg4 uses less data than the currently used mpeg2, so using mpeg4 can mean more channels or more hd channels.

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