Where is Episodes?

A year ago Nine promised it would fast-track Episodes with Matt LeBlanc. It still hasn't delivered.

Tonight TEN will make its 2012 Programming Launch to advertisers. Nearly a year ago its 2011 Launch included Don’t Stop Believing and prison drama Inside Out– neither of which will eventuate.

But TEN isn’t exactly alone in trumpeting projects that either don’t materialise or miss their mark.

In June 2010 Nine boasted about five new comedies, Hot in Cleveland, S#*! My Dad Says, Mike and Molly, Mr. Sunshine and Episodes. All were promised to be fast-tracked to audiences, to air in 2010 and into 2011.

The first three have screened with tepid results at best, but Mr. Sunshine featuring Matthew Perry and Episodes with Matt LeBlanc have yet to surface.

In the case of the Perry vehicle it premiered in the US in February but was cancelled after 9 episodes in May.

Episodes, which features LeBlanc playing himself in a sly parody of UK -US  TV adaptations, also premiered in the US in January. Received with more success, it has been renewed for a second by Showtime and LeBlanc has even been nominated for an Emmy Award.

But Nine is yet to fulfill its fast-tracking promise.

Meanwhile Nine was also silent on its plans for Dance Nation, a state by state dance contest it announced at its 2011 Programming Launch last December.

Yesterday a Nine spokesperson advised TV Tonight it had no immediate production plans on the show, based on a South American format.

They also clarified The Games: London Calling with John Clarke and Gina Riley would arrive in 2012 ahead of the Olympics. The update of The Games was also announced at its December launch to advertisers. Nine says it was always intended for 2012, not 2011, despite it being included in its December Press Release: “Nine Announces Exciting New Shows for 2011.”

Another show The Joy of Sets with Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee is currently shooting and still coming in 2011.

According to the Nine spokesperson, “Episodes and Mr Sunshine are still planned for 2011.  Stay tuned.”

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  1. Go! is also going to air soon a 7 part British show on Thursday called Are you fitter than a Pensioner. They should have got the rights to Young Dumb and Living off Mum off Seven !!!

    Now I wonder if they are airing this because they know nearly all British shows shown in Australia rate well and I wonder as it is only a small number of episodes they do not have to leave it in the schedule too long (they loooove altering the schedule at GO!)

    For some reason, shows that are from the BBC (youth orientated or not) or English in general seem to rate very well in Australia. It seems it is always the American shows (some not all) that Australians do not connect with.

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