2.3m for Two and a Half Men

A whopping 2.3m viewers tuned in to see Ashton Kutcher take over Two and a Half Men from Charlie Sheen.

If it had been any higher Ashton Kutcher’s debut as the new Charlie Sheen would have been a case of Two and a Half million -the show nudged a whopping 2.3m viewers last night, a soaring success for Nine.

The curiosity over how Kutcher replaced Sheen got the better of the viewing audience last night, switching from their traditional Rafters favourite to see how he would fare in the US sitcom. It peaked at 2.6m viewers and now becomes the highest rating comedy show of 2011. It was also the highest ever audience for the show.

It was the top show for the night, and well ahead of Seven’s family drama on 1.63m viewers. NCIS was left out of the race on 659,000 viewers but it was a repeat.

Nine had Chuck Lorre comedy from 7pm through to 9pm with Two and a Half Men repeats (with Charlie Sheen) even beating The X Factor verdict. 1.73m for replays was a fantastic result, ahead of Seven’s sing-off at 1.43m. Modern Family / The Renovators was 806,000 / 650,000.

The lead in from Two and a Half Men gave The Joy of Sets a good start, with 1.16m viewers -but it had dropped half the audience. The Charlie Sheen Roast got 810,000 followed by NCIS: Los Angeles (664,000) and Dinner Date UK (556,000) -a big drop for the latter.

After ABC News (948,000) the best for the ABC was 7.30 (575,000). United States Of Tara returned to a disappointing 328,000. Trafficked – The Reckoning on SBS ONE was 223,000.

Neighbours topped multichannels on 328,000.

Nine’s primary channel bettered Seven’s, but on network shares Seven edged out to win by just 0.1%. That’s some punchline.

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  1. I must be getting old and crank (at 38) but Joy of Sets was disappointing – a real pity cause I was looking forward to it since the beginning of the year. It had a cheap production feel to it. It was far too scripted with most jokes falling flat – except for the Ed/KD Lang gag. Why did Tony always introduce the two of them after each ad break. And Peter Phelps – did he get a word in? Probably the best bit – the intro showed at the end of the show – should be used as the opening titles – it was actually pretty good.

  2. I got sucked into the hype and watched 2 &1/2 Men, before this I have never watched an ep. This is supposed to be funny??? Utter crap. I like Ashton, I have watched many eps of That 70’s Show. But 21/2 men was not funny, just lame.

    Joy of Sets was not bad, but they have made it far too scripted! It would have been better with more spontaneous banter between Ed and Tony, rather than prewritten jokes. And please get rid of Warwick Capper! He’s pathetic.

  3. Sheen did CBS and Warner Bros. a big favour, as he was getting a ridiculous 2 million an episode, plus a cut of the show’s profits as well, then was asking for 3 mill an episode, whereas Aston is much cheaper.

  4. Sorry @Don, if that is classified as clever or original comedy writing, i will be more than happy to be classed as a tv snob. Community is where you go to get witty inspired comedy writing. There is a reason shows like arrested development had A-list celebs lining up to guest star, while two and a half men has…John Stamos.

  5. The majority of comments on here are from TV snobs, i cant believe it , theres nothing wrong with 2.5 men, the writing can be very funny at times, The scene last night with Judith and Herb, where Judith found out about Herb investing in Allan’s ponsie scheme is hilarious!!! Herbs line was ” i suppose one of us is owed an apology”
    Judith gives him a filthy look to which Herb say “sorry”.and walks away !!
    Classic relationship dynamics!!!
    Charlie Sheen roast was rubbish !!! all they did was try to out grosse each other, and didnt say anything clever or funny. The “guests” took the mickey out of each other and not Sheen. I gave it 25 min then switched off !!

  6. Rose found him in the shower with another women…next day he fell in front of a train on a Paris trainstation…classic sitcom death…when and if Ashton doesnt work out…it would have all just been a dream….. and he will come back

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