A buzz about Big Brother

By the looks of the online reaction late yesterday, Nine is sitting on a winner with the idea of a Big Brother revival.

The show was trending on Twitter, and there was a flood of comments to TV Tonight in a relatively short time frame.

Some of the show’s more successful graduates were also tweeting their enthusiasm:

Chrissie Swan: Yay! Big Brother back in 2012. So exciting!
Ryan Fitzgerald: I’m so going to become addicted to that show, pumped!

But nobody should be too surprised by the reaction. Big Brother always triggered a reaction, for better or worse. It was only a matter of time before somebody revived it.

Much has changed since we last saw the show in 2008. We now have multichannels, Facebook is firmly entrenched (it was all so MySpace back then) and Twitter is a phenomenon.

All of these can help the show to spring back in 2012.

The idea of the Secrets aspect, as discussed by TV Tonight in April, will bring a new element to the show. It was used successfully in Secret Story, the French version of Big Brother, following The Loft. With cash prizes on offer for discovering housemate secrets, it forces them all to engage with one another.

One of the reasons Big Brother is back in the spotlight is the success of stripped formats: The Block, MasterChef Australia, The X Factor -only The Renovators has failed on this front. If Big Brother is added to GO! at 7:00 every night, it could help lift Nine’s network share every night.

A source tells TV Tonight that most of the decisions on the show are yet to be made: channel, host, location are still to be decided. Questions about a return to Dreamworld or similar have neither been ruled in nor out.

“The economics of these sorts of shows when they work, make a lot of sense,” they said. “Look at what MasterChef has done or the first few years of Big Brother.”

For now we’ll have to sit tight as the project unfolds.

On the show’s official website there’s just the big BB eye with the words, “BigBrother.com. Coming Soon.”


  1. I have watched all the big brothers and the first three were definitely the best. We need to get back to basics, get people of all different ages, not just young beautiful people but interesting people with stories to tell. Look how popular Chrissie and Reggie were! Dont try too hard with challenges and stuff, just let people work out the dynamics of the house.

    I dont like the uncut version and please get Gretel And Mike Goldman back to host. Definitely not Kyle and Jackie O and Jules Lund. It just wouldnt work.

    I want more heartwarming stories such as peter who won the first one, no fake romances or stupid girls playing up to the cameras, just get real, average people and it will work.

  2. Hello thre great forum. Im glad theres discussion here on big brother as i just googled it.
    Remember channel 9 actually shows alot of footy season shows on9 and there for i beleive big brother show will be on a month and season away from the footy season. Otherwise i think channel 9 might not have enough room for every things. Otherwise it will just be footy and big brother footy and big brother and very little out of the crime series and such dramas.

    So i beleive big brother show might apear on a season when its not footy season.
    Thats a fact or not ?

  3. Hi. Im glad there is this show of the Big Brother returning. I new someday oneday they will aventualy bring the show back. Just like any other past time shows… somehow oneday weeks… months or perhaps years some of them shows will return as popularity.

    If theres going to be the eviction which im sure it will.. then that same place at the goldcoast needs renovation specialy the arena stage. Ive been there a few times and had a looked. The roof was only like just a basic shed roof. What they need to do is make it more a better stage arena something more luxury perhaps more styleish. Course when i had a looked at it last time it only looked liked just a giant shed. I am guesing thats magic television because on tv it looks different.

    When i had a looked at big brother series 1 and big brother last series 8 inside the house it looked quite tiny and realise that the cameras made it some what looked wider and bigger seen it on tv rather then been there. So it did looked quite tiny though. AGAIN thats magic trick with television.

    This is fun about the return of BB because no one has no idea what it will be like this time.. it is alittle bit like watching series big brother 2. Were you might know how the game is played but you dont fully new what to expect out of it because series 1 and series 2 was quite still new show for many of us..

    But after a few BB series everyone allready new how the game was played and what theres going to be.. the same old evictions and task games and weekend games and such.

    But back in series 1 no one new nothing and that was fun. series 2 we new only very very little out of the show.. but we started to gues something what to expect.

    This is how we all are know to expect what BB the return show might be like. Its new and its going to feel like the good old days of the series 1 and 2 were you have no idea what to expect of this return bb show will be like and whats going to happen.

    And that is the fun about the reality tv show of Big brother.

    From series 3 to 8 everyone allready new what to expect of big brother show.. allready new there was eviction weekends… the game shows… the tast week thing going on.. pretty much it was the same the year after the year. So it wasnt fully new anymore.

    But like i said series 1 and series 2 it was very new for many people who watched BB show and that not everyone new what to expect day by day of big brother show.. that was much fun. I simply didnt new there would of been a eviction show on a weekend.. never new they would expect to have a new task every week or so.

    This is why its fun to return Big brother in 2012 because this time channel 9 is hosting it and this time channel 9 expects to have a very very different segment of big brother returning. There for its fun for all of us.. We simply dont no what to expect on weekends…. could it be evictions could it be similarity.. could there be task every week could there be something els. Thats the fun way of guesing and this totaly reminded me the way i used to think for series big brother 1 and big brother 2 because back then the reality tv show of BB was very new in australia.

    simple 🙂

  4. Yes i agree gretal kalleen should do the original big brother show. I agree kyle and jackie 0 not to get involved with this.. because they have been on so many shows and on so many up an down channels.. australia has much better host to choose from And not just the same old host every time.

    When BB arrives im guesing its all new host in the making too. But gretall kalleen could be the hits to get into the show as a host.

    My fav BB show was of course Big brother series 1 with blair.. Ben and sarra marie and that bum dance. so memories of 2001. Cant believe its been 10 years and counting ago… cant believe it… 11 years almost.. geez. time goes quick. Gues i have to take out my aging nivea creams out to look good for bb if i get in hehe 🙂

    Aniways i also did listern to your 5minute programe on some ABC radio broadcast the ther morning while i was in bed listerning the radio. First time i hear from someone like you to meantion Big Brother returning.

    If it wasnt for you. i would of wondered nothing about whats going on tv. But know that im updated to know i thank you for keeping us updated whats on tv.

    take care my friend

  5. Hi i ws listerning this morning on national am radio you where on it.. glad there was a discussion firs ttime on bog brother comming. Is this a confirm Yes or a Maybe big brother return? theres been alot of talks oh big brother returns in 2010.. then big brother returns in 2011 but all this seems like a story of wonders..

    Making sure that channel 9 is actually a 100% confirm of big brother in 2012 ?

    Are they going to do it in september 2012 ? And will there be the posible late up shows of BB ? channel ten did alot of shows the daily show… the up late night shows that went all for about 4 horus non stop. Will channel 9 be like that?

    If things goes on some kind of digital channel.. then i wonder if im able to record the show because my dvd recorder can only record SD channels Not HD 🙂

    Yes i believe Gretall is the ideal to do the show.. Please i hope that kyle and jackie will Not get into this… they both had too many one spot to another show by show channel by channel.. they had thier share.. its time to let a New host have his share to do a new show of big brother.. Not the same old wackos.

  6. I am so happy to see that Bib Brother is going to be back on in 2012 but on channel nine. The question is that when is the Audition happening. and where is the Big Brother being held?

  7. I enjoyed Gretel at the time but if they really want to relaunch the brand they will need to find someone new.

    This person will still have to be as professional and intelligent as Gretel (you can’t do all that live work without a brain which discounts most of ch 9) but I really think it needs to move on.

    I think most past housemates should be left in the dark too.

  8. Honestly, the show would work so well if they made one simple change and allowed them to discuss their nominations freely. With all the reality shows at the moment being based on either contestant’s own abilities (Amazing Race, Masterchef, The Renovators), or on viewer popularity (any other Seven reality show, arguably The Block), it would help the show stand out more than it already is. Plus paranoia is riveting at the best of times. Can you imagine what it’d be like in an enclosed space like that of the Big Brother house?

  9. The Uncut show was the only one worth watching. Gretel was painful. I went to a live eviction and thought she was a real cow during the commercial breaks.

    Hamish and Andy would be good hosts as long as they don’t try to make the show all about them.

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