A mighty wind?

Very hard to think of a precedent for this one…

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the Seven Network has admitted to reducing the volume of a character’s flatulence in the premiere episode of Wild Boys.

In the series promo a scene where Daniel MacPherson and Michael Dorman’s characters are thrown in jail, a fellow prisoner is heard to break wind loudly.

But in the episode that aired the same sound had been reduced to ‘a barely audible breeze.’

A network spokesperson, no doubt doing their best not to laugh, conceded, ”What went to air was the correct fart, what promos used was an enhanced fart.”




”We’ve never had to do it before, this was a once off.”

A once off that was let off?

The original scene is at 1:00 min.


  1. Great article, and some great comments 🙂 Lucky it wasn’t Russell Crowe in the role of the farting bloke … someone would get a punch in the face for editing his poetry…

  2. Moanique in Brisbane

    I would have gone with the loud fart, which was more realistic, especially given the size of the person who farted. My mother use to say ” Wherever you may be, let your wind break free ” lol

  3. Promos are usually made from an offline audio source directly out of the editing room supplied to the Network well in advance of a proper mix where any temp sound fx (like farts) are replaced with more suitable ones. It’s likely that’s what happened. I remember once supplying an offline audio track with the director doing a temp voice over for one of the actors and it was put to air in the promo.

  4. I didn’t watch the episode, but there’s no doubting that the 1.674m people who did watch it would have been let down by the quality of the fart during the episode after hearing the ‘enhanced’ fart in the ad. Expect ratings to drop this week.

  5. this might sound really stupid but I have to admit the fart sounded So fake in the ads, channel seven made the right decision in making it… ‘softer’…. ‘more realistic?’

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