AFL Footy Show: Grand Final edition

The annual AFL Footy Show Grand Final edition takes place at Rod Laver Arena this Thursday, with guests Simple Plan, Eskimo Joe, Vanessa Amorosi, The Living End, Shannon Noll and that infamous player revue. You’re allowed to skull when you see a tutu….

In Melbourne this airs at the special time of 8:30pm Thursday which means Hamish and Andy’s final show will air at 7:30pm (8:30pm H&A/ 9:30 Footy Show in all other states).

One of the most anticipated events of the AFL season comes to life this Thursday night at the special time of 8.30pm when The Grand Final Footy Show broadcasts live on Channel Nine from Rod Laver Arena.

With the country gripped by finals fever heading into Saturday’s Grand Final between Geelong and Collingwood, Garry Lyon, James Brayshaw and Sam Newman serve up the entertainment feast footy fans have been waiting for all season.

Canadian rock outfit Simple Plan will kick off the Grand Final Footy Show in front of a sellout crowd of 12,000 with their worldwide smash, Jetlagged.

Joining them are a host of Aussie rock favourites, including Eskimo Joe belting out their hit single Love is a Drug, Vanessa Amorosi debuting her new song Amazing and Footy Show favourites The Living End. They plan to raise the roof with their new single, Song for the Lonely, plus a specially compiled, one-off performance of classic hits.

The Dulux Grand Final Revue is always a show-stopper and to mark the 18th season of The Footy Show this year’s spectacular promises to be something extra special, with the return of some of the fans’ favourites along with the debut of some big names.

The countdown to the Grand Final will be dissected by two superstar panels including Jonathan Brown, Barry Hall and Nick Dal Santo as they preview the teams and the match-ups and give their all-important tips. Grand Final coaches Mick Malthouse and Chris Scott also join us live.

Plus, in the backstage greenroom we chat to some of the biggest names in football as well as a host of celebrities and musicians – including Shannon Noll. There will also be a special musical performance from Carlton high flyer Andrew Walker.

We also take a look at the very best of Street Talk and announce the 2011 winner of Almost Football Legends.


  1. Anne-Maree Croad

    Soooo disappointed what were they thinking God lose the girls and let it be about the players it’s not Hollywood for gods sake it’s about basics get a brain who ever is organising this is the last one I’ll watch ?? If it continues this way it so used to be entertaining but you’ve lost the plot !!!!

  2. what a joke the afl footy show is kicking a team in the guts port adelaide no wonder we dislike victorians media and supporters well you cant have much material for your show if thats the best you jerks can the best may the power be with you all.

  3. @Kathy, the people at Nine Adelaide are terrible. When i rang up Nine Adelaide to complain about rugby league coverage, they were rude, sarcastic, one guy swore at me a few times, and basically ridiculed any suggestion I made. And he sounded like a 16 year old kid with an attitude problem, so that probably explains a lot about how the network is run.

    Haven’t watch AFL Footy Show in years, but i always tune in to final, just for the player revue. Although besides David Rodan, the performaces have been lame past few years. It’s a player revue, lately they seem to be dominated by backing dancers.

  4. David re: “I suppose if you were in a heated convo with any network then it wasn’t necessarily the best circumstance to throw my name into the ring”

    From what I understand my friend said the conversations were quite pleasant as they exchanged a number of phone calls during the day… Now if it was me, it may have been a different matter as I am not always that patient 🙂

  5. Here’s hoping the storm from last night and early this morning in Melbourne doesn’t hinder the digital signal for this wonderous event. Shattered I missed out on being there, but watching it on a big screen will be the next best thing. Can’t wait to see those TLE lads hit the stage. Gonna be killer!

  6. For viewers in QLD, NSW / ACT and the NT, the AFL Grand Final Footy Show will screen late night on Thursday / Early Friday morning at the following times:

    Channel 9 (Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin ),all Imparja TV and NBN Television viewers:
    approx. 11.30pm – 2.30am (AEST) following the NRL Grand Final Footy Show.

    WIN-TV viewers in QLD, NSW (excluding NSW / VIC border areas like Albury, Deniliquin, etc) and ACT: approx. 12midnight – 2.45am/3am after WIN late news.

    Remember that prior programs maybe running late….

    For viewers reading this in the Northern States….Even if you are not a fan of Aussie Rules Football like myself…. i would suggest you either stay up and watch this or record this program as it always manages to be very entertaining and funny. The performances by guest artists are usually pretty good and the player revue is entertaining….you may find the jokes about Gary Lyon either funny or not so funny, it will nonetheless be more entertaining than the NRL Grand Final Footy Show. Not even Hugh Jackman can save Fatty, the Big marn, mario ,etc from screwing up and serving us the same rubbish that they always do…..

  7. Let’s hope that Channel 9 in Adelaide show the full episode…. Cutting ‘Footy Classified’ last night, 10 minutes before the show ended was a Disgrace. A pathetic apology/excuse was given when people rang in to complain.

    A friend of mine was one if those that called Nine, Adelaide earlier today. During the conversation she also suggested they come to this site to review some of the comments/views on Nine. They laughed and said, what would Knox know, he only produces what others write hence they do not take it too seriously. WTF, are they serious ???

    Friend then suggested that ‘they should take some time to read the recent survey results’ as it would give them a true picture on how the audience felt when it comes to Channel Nine,

    Nine Adelaide responded – oh, has he done a survey?

    Just shows you how much some of these networks care about ‘feedback’.
    Bloody hell, if I worked for one of the FTA networks I would be reading every day, and making sure that changes were implemented…

    • I haven’t dealt directly with WIN-owned Nine Adelaide for a long time. But I have very good working relationships with Nine Melbourne, Sydney and Brissy. Perth has been good at getting back to me most of the time, although I sense they are limited in their answers by WIN. I suppose if you were in a heated convo with any network then it wasn’t necessarily the best circumstance to throw my name into the ring….. That said, I was quoted in Adelaide Advertiser talking about good numbers for 2.5 Men premiere…. did they think those comments were rubbish too?

  8. Perth gets The Footy Show on at 8:30pm. Hamish and Andy is on at 7:30pm. Though last night Nine seemed a bit confused and we kept getting 2 sets of ads with different times!

    Looking forward to seeing Eskimo Joe and Vanessa Amorosi peform.

    “You’re allowed to skull when you see a tutu….” hee!!!!!

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