Airdate: Charlie’s Angels

Another show fast-tracked to screen will be Charlie’s Angels, starring Australia’s Rachael Taylor.

It will premiere at 7:30pm Tuesday September 27th on Nine, just days after its US premiere.

While many rebooted shows have had a checkered history, US viewers are looking forward to this one. Accorrding to a study of Tivo users, Charlie’s Angels, Prime Suspect, Person of Interest, Terra Nova and Pan Am are the ones that have audiences in anticipation. And there are Aussies in several of those.

Australia’s Rachel Taylor stars in this highly anticipated reboot of the famous female detective series. This glamorous, action-packed new take on the 1970s television classic follows three independent women who all have criminal pasts. They are given a second chance by reclusive billionaire Charlie Townsend, who hires them to fight crime for his exclusive Townsend Detective Agency. (Rachel Taylor, Annie Ilonzeh, Minka Kelly, Ramon Rodriguez)


  1. I am very concerned that this will be moved or cancelled within three episodes. When was the last time that a big US drama stayed in the same timeslot on Nine for an extended period (excluding CSI iterations)?

  2. Minka Kelly was great on Friday Night Lights

    but this show got a pretty scathing review from Alan Sepinwall, a prominent critic in the States. It’s difficult to tell if this will be a hit or a flop

  3. I don’t think I’ll risk it since it is on 9, maybe if it does well I’ll catch it on a repeat run. Am really excited for Terra Nova though, I think it will do better than the first season of Merlin, sci-fi fantasy stuff does really well in the cinemas and video shops, for some strange reason it doesn’t often translate to TV, but with steven spielberg attached and shot in australia it should get some interest. They have added Ringer to the list of shows coming to 10 soon, they must have seen the pilot and liked it so they’ll fast track now.

  4. I am not a fan of remakes never have been never will be. V was the only remake i actually liked and look where that ended up. I think Hawaii Five-0 is a piece of crap and the Australian ratings show that. Its only doing good in America because its on CBS. If it were on NBC or ABC i am sure it would have failed.

    I will give Charlies Angels a go but i don’t have high hopes for it. The shows i am looking forward to most are mostly airing in Jan/Feb in the states this time around. Of the fall shows i am interested mostly in Once upon a Time, which i have really high hopes for since the industry is buzzing about this pilot, Terra Nova and Ringer, which i actually saw this morning and loved it very much.

  5. If Charlie’s Angels airs on a Tuesday at 7.30pm then I won’t be home to watch it. I wonder if they’ll play it somewhere else too. Although I’ll admit I’m not that upset if I miss it.

  6. If this show slips in ratings channel nien will dump on
    this bigger than king kong’s first dump of the day. So folks
    get ready to reprogramme your PVR on a weekly basis…

  7. they are airing it on the wrong channel, should be on GO! don’t see it lasting long on Nine but at least encore it on GO just incase it doesn’t work out for them on their main channel. as for Terra Nova, it could work but if they were to move it to Eleven, thursday nights is probably the only place for it to go. 11 should keep their sunday night movies, but I think One should air/encore it cause at least it’ll be in HD.

  8. Both Charlies Angels and Terra Nova look interesting….but after being stung so many time with watching a series ….only to have it dumped before it ran its course…..have concerns about going there again.

  9. The two 00’s movies were great fun but I’ve got zero faith in this being any good. Will give it a go coz it’d be nice to be surprised, but not holding my breath.

  10. So if this is on Tuesday in a few weeks I guess that’s after the 3 part Ocean Giants special?

    Fan will know that Minka Kelly was in Friday Night Lights and had a small part on Parenthood.

    As for the other shows I’m most looking forward to Terra Nova and Pan Am sounds interesting, can’t go past Christina Ricci.

  11. Just looked up the promo and it looks like a great remake. Hopefully it is like Hawaii Five-O where the remake was actually successful, and not like Wonder Woman who didn’t even make it out of the pilot.

  12. Congrats to them for actually fast tracking it and setting a day/time/. I get the feeling some of the other networks are going to fast track their show but don’t want to announce the schedule so their competitor’s don’t know what they are up to, I am looking at you Ten! when exactly are you showing Terra Nova

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