Airdate: Person of Interest

More fast-tracking from Nine with news that Person of Interest will premiere Sunday, September 25, at 9.30pm.

The new thriller starring Jim Caviezel and Michael Emerson will premiere just two days after its US launch.

It’s good too see all this fast-tracking in the marketplace right now. Nine and TEN are especially responding to it, given Seven’s dominance. Such is the fury of the planning that Nine’s Press Release even had two dates for Person of Interest, possibly indicating an early draft.

Person of Interest, the crime thriller series from the creators of The Dark Knight and Lost, makes its fast-tracked premiere on Channel Nine on Thursday, October 6, at 8.30pm.

Set in New York City amid a complex world of cops, criminals and corruption, the series follows an unpredictable ex-CIA agent who is presumed dead but teams up with a mysterious computer genius to prevent violent crimes before they occur.

This action-drama, inspired by the relentless spread of global surveillance and information tracking, stars Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ) as ex-CIA agent Reese and Michael Emerson (Lost) as Finch, the computer genius who is also a billionaire.

Finch (Emerson) uses “pattern recognition” and data from a threat matrix he developed for the US intelligence services after 9/11to identify people who are about to commit or be innocently involved in violent crime. He recruits Reese (Caviezel) for his covert CIA skills and together they set out to identify a “person of interest” by tapping into a global Big Brother-like surveillance network – they are vigilantes on a mission to prevent a terrible crime before it can be committed.

While Finch and Reese try to prevent and solve the crimes, two New York detectives get to make the arrests: the straight Carter (Taraji P. Henson,The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and the corrupt Fusco (Kevin Chapman, Mystic River, Rescue Me). Carter also takes a personal interest in trying to figure out the identity of the shadowy Reese, unaware of his CIA background.

Created by Academy Award Best Screenplay nominee Jonathan Nolan (Memento, The Dark Knight and the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises) and Emmy Award winners J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk (Lost), this thrilling new series is aboutfinding the right person, with the right information, at the right time, who will change everything.

Australian Premiere:
Sunday, September 25, at 9.30pm on Nine

To be clear… Sunday, September 25, at 9.30pm is the correct time and date.


  1. This is an excellent show.
    Would have preferred a two hour lead-in, but I was captivated.

    Perfect amount of action and suspense, I loved it.

    If nine gets rid of this by itself, by late scheduling or on this week off next week “air dates”, (not counting if it is canceled in the U.S.) It will be just another reason for me to despise whoever is in charge of programming.

  2. This is special to me. My hero is Chris Nolan, I love his movies. And my favourite show is lost. So when the co writer of half of the nolan movies mixes in with abbrams, well then I can’t frickin’ wait.

    I just hope that Abbrams planned it out this time.

  3. The extended trailer looks solid. Surprise Nine is slotting it in a 9.30pm timeslot though given it’s CBS’ big new drama. Perhaps they’re warming up the audience to follow this show once Underbelly finishes and will move it to the 8.30pm slot?

    Ditto with Prime Suspect.

  4. Well Mucho, given how many repeats of Big Bang and Two and a Half Men they’ve had to cram into this years schedules, Nine execs must have been aching for something new to come on- no wonder they are fast tracking like mad.

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    I really hope that this fast-tracking lately represents the turning over of a new leaf for Nine.

    The premise is good, altho’ plausible-sounding bollocks, but Abrams+Emerson is the kicker. Hope it gets a replay ‘cos I’m already committed to the Singapore F1 on 25 Sep.

  6. Wow, Nine really are fast-tracking a lot of new shows. This, 2 Broke Girls, Charlie’s Angels, Prime Suspect. And also new seasons of CSI, Two and a Half Men and Survivor. And probably BBT and Mentalist on the way.

    At least now Seven will be getting some halfway decent competition, it seems like Nine and Ten have been throwing in the towel lately.

  7. If Castle is on then I’m not going to be able to watch it. I hope they can repeat it late at night on one of their multi-channels. Although if Seven continues with Castle on Monday then I’ll quit that and I don’t want to. I’d probably won’t be able to watch it on Thursday (hypothetically ) unless Eleven chooses the wrong show to replace Stargate Universe with when the series ends. I do hope I can see it however as I’m curious about it.

  8. Good to see them fast tracking some new shows, Emerson was on Letterman last week, the show sound interesting. I just hope the ratings are good and it doesn’t get the axe either here or in the US. But his is the gamble with fast tracking new shows.

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