Airdate: The Hamster Wheel

The Chaser team’s new comedy The Hamster Wheel will premiere at 9:30pm Wednesday October 5 on ABC1, replacing At Home with Julia.

The Press Release for the show invites journos to call 0487-406-020, which as far as I can work out then appears to let callers change the greeting for the next person… maybe some lawn bowlers might want to leave a message?

To find out more about The Chaser team’s new show The Hamster Wheel, simply hack the phone number above.

If you don’t already know how, here are the instructions (courtesy of News International):
1. Dial 0487-406-020.
2. When you hear the voicemail message, press #.
3. Then enter the password “RUPERT” in numbers which is 787378.


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