Airdate: This is England ’86

If you enjoyed the 2006 BAFTA-winning film This is England, about skinheads in England in 1983, then SBS has a four part TV sequel, This is England ’86.

British filmmaker Shane Meadows revisits the world of Shaun, Woody, Combo and Lol three years later, reuniting the original cast.

The four-part drama series is co-written by Meadows and Jack Thorne (The Scouting Book For Boys, Skins) and is based on Meadows’s own upbringing in the British council house estates of the Thatcher-era.

This Saturday night SBS will first screen the original film This is England at 10:25pm.

On his own again after the gang’s disintegration, Shaun celebrates his last day of school, and the first of an uncertain future, by sharing an egg sandwich with his Mum. She wants him to get a job, but school bully Flip wants him to help out with his love life. All Shaun wants is a scooter – preferably one with his heart’s desire Smell sitting on the back of it.

Elsewhere, it’s the day of Woody and Lol’s wedding, but all is not well on that front, and things aren’t helped when Meggy has a sudden medical crisis. Lava lamps fly, wreaths are stolen, weddings are missed and old desires are rekindled in this exciting new episode.

Monday September 26, 10pm on SBS ONE.


  1. Give it all away why don’t you Craig. It’s a very difficult watch, but drama at it’s best which wouldn’t have fallen foul of OFCOM.

    This is England ’88 is due at Christmas (three episodes) with This is England ’90 also in the planning.

  2. Something tells me there was something very controversial about this in the UK when it aired, a rape scene maybe? and possibly channel 4 were admonished by Ofcom over it. …cant rememebr off the top of my head!

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