Andew Maher joins FOX Sports FC

Network TEN sports personality Andrew Maher will join FOX Sports’ football magazine show FOX Sports FC when it returns to air next week.

Maher has been part of TEN’s Before the Game which has its season finale tonight. Amid rumours that tonight’s episode of the show will be its last, TEN said no decision had been made earlier this week. But it seems probable that the rumours will ultimately prove true.

Ahead of the biggest and most anticipated Hyundai A-League season on record, FOX Sports FC will return with a brand new look and feel with Andrew Maher joining the FOX Sports family to host the weekly program starting Wednesday 5 October.

Maher will join arguably Australia’s best football export and FOX Sports expert analyst Mark “Bozza” Bosnich along with distinguished FOX SPORTS commentator Andy Harper to provide fans with an in-depth look at all the issues and stories affecting the game from around the globe each week.

In addition, FOX Sports News presenter Melanie McLaughlin will deliver a new weekly segment on the show to share all the top headlines in the week of football.

FOX Sports FC will launch next week at a special time of 7.30pm AEDT on Wednesday 5 October before returning to its usual time slot on Tuesday night’s at 7.30pm from October 18.

A sensational line up of guests will headline the opening show with new marquee Sydney FC recruit Brett Emerton and Socceroos superstar Tim Cahill joining the panel ahead of one of the most exciting weekends in Australian football history.

FOX Sports FC forms part of FOX Sports’ extensive football offering which includes Live and Exclusive coverage of all Socceroos matches, every match of the Hyundai A-League, and coverage of all 380 matches in the Barclays Premier League.

Soames Treffry, Director FOX Sports Channels, said the appointed of Andrew Maher to FOX Sports FC will allow chief football commentator and former host Simon Hill to increase his commentary load for the 2011/12 Hyundai A-League season.

“We’re delighted to have Andrew on board as the new host of FOX Sports FC. He is a very experienced and accomplished broadcaster and we’re looking forward to seeing him establish a formidable trio with Bozza and Andy Harper,” said Treffry.

“Andrew’s appointment will enable us to utilise our head commentator and the most recognised voice in Australian football, Simon Hill, to call more matches this season,” he said.

“Simon is at the core of FOX Sports football coverage for both the A-League and Socceroos. There is no better voice in the game.”

Wednesday 5 October 7.30pm AEDT
FOX Sports 2 and 2HD


  1. I am a keen follower of most sports on fox sports.
    I had not heard of Andy Maher, but I watched in complete embarrassment at his complete ignorance of any technical details of football (soccer)
    Please replace him with anyone who has some knowledge of the sport.
    Will not be watching until this happens

  2. Andy Maher Please.
    Hopeless on radio and worse on TV.
    You had the people there that could have done the job so much better.
    What is wrong with a woman Mel kills him.
    Sometimes humility can go along way , wven in the Media.
    And remember this a wise ayiong from my dear old Dad.
    “It is better to remain silent and let them think you are a fool , than open your moth and remove all doubt”
    Cannot watch this show now.

  3. yeah, it was becoming a bit like a shoutfest ; reckon his comments in that role should be ‘tighter’ ; I didn’t realize the man was a ten AFL guy coz I don’t watch commercial telly or AFL but that’s a turn off too… Simon and Andrew are better faces and voices … Gd to see bozza , mel and harps again.

  4. It would make more sense for Warick Capper to host 60mins, then this 100% hardcore victorian rules bogan to host FS only decicated ‘Football show’. What next Phil Gould to replace Mark Bosnich.

  5. this is a terrible decision and as someone else has said. it’s all about the afl channel. he doesn’t care about football, soccer. he bags it when it’s down and jumps on the band wagon when things might look good. i am not a follower of the world game myself. but this is a bad move

  6. Armchair Analyst

    This has nothing to do with the A league or anything else on the world game, this is purely a decision for the next years AFL season. Andy just took the job because he will be out of a tv job by the end of this week, so for him it makes sense. Only time will tell, whether the ratings fall or not because of his hosting duties. I too agree that this is a strange decision but as i have mentioned above it could be because of next years footy season. So all you football (world game) fans dont worry he will be of that show by next yeas AFL season.

  7. Mel really deserves to be the host. She does a great job whenever given the chance to fill in on Matchday Saturday, and every football fan in the country loves her.

  8. Honestly I’m just shocked as to why can’t the other 10 football personalities on FOX Sports inst allowed to host the Show Fox Sports Football has a plethora of hosts but their must be something to as to why a victorian rules tragic (and afl employee) would host a Football show? It doesn’t make any sense. The only outcome will be that Fox Football shows would lose more viewers.

  9. And the groans of many (or at least some) football viewers can be heard many km’s away. He really polarized viewers, at least the one’s who post on football forums. Was not a very good boundry rider on the football coverage (asked some dull questions, and when he didn’t get a good answer, he repeated the same question).

    His “You Blokes” schtick is far more annoying than Bruce saying delicious in relation to Cyril Rioli.

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