Athletics gives SBS TWO best figures all year

On Saturday night SBS TWO recorded its highest audience for 2011 with coverage of the IAAF World Championships in Athletics from South Korea.

Its audience averaged 154,000 as Sally Pearson took gold in the 100m hurdles. It was the fourth most watched program on SBS TWO ever.

Last week SBS TWO lifted to a 1.8% share, more than 1% over ABC News 24 (0.7%) and ABC3 (0.6%).

Ken Shipp, Head of Sport at SBS, said, “We’re proud that SBS’s coverage of the 2011 IAAF World Championships in Athletics has given Australians the opportunity to cheer on champions like Sally Pearson, Mitchell Watt, Jared Tallent and Richard Colman.”

SBS’s broadcast of the 2011 IAAF World Championships on SBS TWO, hosted by David Basheer with Jane Flemming ends today.


  1. The coverage itself was excellent. There was good commentary and plenty of on-screen information. I do agree with earlier posts about MPEG artifacts. I hope that more bandwidth can be allocated for increased picture quality as it’s necessary for viewing sporting events.

  2. I’d just like to point out this was Not live in WA!

    Still enjoyed it all the same…but wish sports broadcasters in Australia realised that in this day and age with instant live reports….major sports events Must be shown live everywhere!!

  3. Maev....Sydney

    Oh and BTW….kudos to Sally…great win…she was so excited and bouncy after the win….I thought she was going straight over the fence….. 🙂

  4. Armchair Analyst

    @ Dave. SBS does not have enought money and anyway in an era where we are gradually getting less and less live international sport on FTA tv i for one am grateful that it was Live and on FTA. If you look at how Ten treated this years swimming worlds you can forgive SBS for not sending anyone there, again all i care is that it is Live thats all.

  5. I’m just a bit disappointed SBS couldn’t even be bothered sending its own commentary team to Korea. It didn’t even send a reporter there – even Seven sent Jim Wilson to cover the championships.

  6. I am very grateful to SBS for all the sporting events they have been showing….events I would never be able to see otherwise….not only the athletics…which was great…but the cycling and football (soccer) and many others…well done SBS…and keep up the great work.

  7. Its been great to watch the athletics on SBS2 , i agree with Clyde T re the MPEG compression , its more noticeable on big LCDs , plasmas but on a CRT with STB is not as bad.There were something great events and competitors , alot of those women athletes are truly stunning to look at.

  8. It’s a pity that the low bandwidth on SBS2 caused a lot of MPEG compression blocking during the longer distance running last night.

    The high camera movement made the screen a mess. Perhaps the SBSHD bandwidth can be reallocated considering it is the same content as SBS1?

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